Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

Peanut Adventures, Issue 6

Peanut Adventures, Issue 6

We got the announcement that schools would be closed for the week pretty early on.  Initially, I was concerned, since... you know... working parents.  As fate would have it, my work had to stay closed for the week as well.  So D and I got to have lots of mommy/daughter time.   A lot of schools across the state were out for the week, so it worked out for us to go have a day at Magic Kingdom with D's aunt Shelley and cousin Aria.


We got there while they were already on a ride, so D had fun pointing out all the sight words on the posters at train station to a cast member while we waited.


We got to catch our first Fall Trolley show of the season.


She got to play with Alex, Tori, and Jerrad for a few minutes, too.


Caught up with the fam to ride Haunted Mansion, then sweat it out for a Friendship Faire.


Introduced Aria to the Tiki Room. Rode Pirates.

Had lunch at Pecos Bill's.  D discovered the limes at the toppings bar.

Rode Aladdin's Magic carpets.


Caught up with Lea for a ride on Small World and the Carousel.

D had a little mini photoshoot on the carousel, all poses were her doing.

Festival of Fantasy has been stepping off an hour early due to Halloween parties, so we grabbed our usual spot down in Town Square.  I knew I was in for something different from my kid from the moment the parade rounded the corner toward us.  "Hey, D, look! Dani's in swan court!"  D: DAAAAAAANNNIIIIIIIIIII DANIIIIIIIII DAAAAAANNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

The fangirl screaming persisted throughout the parade.  TIANNAAAAAAAAAAA!! ELSAAAAAAA!!! ARIEEEEEEL!!! MERIDAAAAAAAAA!



Mommy... that bubble... that's Tori from Trolley??? Yup.  My kid is FINALLY putting together faces of performers in different costumes.  This could be good or bad.... we will see.  We snuck over to ride Buzz Lightyear (the park was mostly empty still in the aftermath of Irma), but then we sent off our family and headed home.

This weekend we decided to take advantage of the low crowds one more time and take our first trip of the year to Food & Wine (frequent readers will know the aversion I've developed to this festival, mostly due to the crowds and drunks).  It ended up being a good call, we didn't even get to Epcot until almost 11 but still managed to park in the front lot. On a Food & Wine weekend.  BLESSSSSSSS!

Not a lot of pictures this day, we only stayed a few hours and mostly walked food booths.  We took D to check out the all new Light Lab in Future World.  She got to order one of the Fluorescent drinks, and LOVED the blacklight environment.

We also hit up the booths near the Coca Cola area of Future World (D LOVED the Piggy Wings at the Fire booth).  Mostly we wanted to try out the new foods we'd not had yet.  D was a very good sport, trying a lot of the foods and being very patient with us eating and not doing "fun" stuff.  She did get to stop to play the drums in Africa and ride the Gran Fiesta.

IMG_2178 (1).jpg

You know the park is empty when there isn't a line for the margaritas inside the Mexico Pavilion! I hit up the farm booth to get the Beet Salad, and we checked out DADDY'S BEER on sale in the Odyssey and the Light Pavilion (so awesome, so happy for Playalinda!).  Then we called it a day so we could go home and do responsible adult things like keep working on hurricane cleanup. 

I survived a week at home with my kid.  Thank goodness she was in high spirits, even reminded me she needed to catch up on her homework. New kid, who dis??




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