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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 91

Confession: We are those people who don't throw out our Halloween pumpkin until it is rotten and shriveled, most likely a shovel is involved. It would appear D has inherited our inability to let go of holidays.  She greets and/or hugs our Mike Wazowski pumpkin every day when she gets home from school.

This is my process for writing most Peanut issues: sigh deeply and wonder what on earth I'm going to write about, sync iphone with laptop, review this week's uploads, wonder when I took 65 photos (ok, that's this week), remember that I've done something this week other than feel like my head is full of cotton, write the issue. I feel like I've had this illness that the kid brought home for a month now, and if she has been feeling even half as crappy as I am, no wonder she's been having turdy moments. Yes, spell check, I meant to spell turdy that way, stop triggering my OCD with your angry red underline.