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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 79

I can't help but wonder if my kid knows when it's time to write TWP, because if I'd sat down to do this 24 hours ago there may have been some mud-slinging. This morning, however, she turned on the charm.  "I feel better, Mahmee." THANK GAWD. 

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 67

I'm sitting here thinking "Sheesh why does it feel like I just wrote one of these?"

Oh yeah, because I did

I'm going to kick this off by saying, to stay at home moms: HATS OFF. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU DO IT.  A 3 day weekend and I'm doing a victory dance as I drop my kid off at day care.  I love her, but I am WIPED OUT.

Remember my previous sentiments about having a quiet weekend? Hmmm. Looks like that won't be in the cards any time soon.  At least, not until our pass blackout dates. 

Remember D's school picture day I talked about a few weeks ago when she got all adorable plaid schoolgirl'd up? Well.. apparently I was slightly mistaken.  There were pictures, but they were class pictures, just the whole class together, no individual photos except for the pre-k grads.  Oh.  Well.  She's still pretty redonk. Look at my big girl, sitting all perfectly in her little chair.  You go, Glen Coco! (That reference is for my husband, btw).