Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 234

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 234

Thanks to the incredible people at Disney Media, we were invited to experience Cirque Du Soleil: La Nouba at Disney Springs.  My husband and I have only been once: almost exactly 16 years ago when we went to celebrate our FIRST anniversary and my move to Orlando for college.  I'd been hoping to take D once before it closes forever at the end of the year, so this invite just really put me over the moon with excitement.  (Look for a separate post on the Disney page soon with more details of the overall experience).

You can't take photos inside the theater, but D absolutely loved the show (I wasn't sure if she would, since it doesn't have that much of a narrative that tends to hold her attention in a long show like this).  Her favorites seemed to be the clowns that both opened the show and served as interlude entertainment during change-overs between acts.  She just cackled away at every moment they were on stage.

We were also treated to pizza at Splitsville after the show.  As far as D was concerned, it was a dream date.  She asked if we could go back and see the later show, too.

Daphne had declared that it had been "forever" since we had a day at Magic Kingdom, so that was our plan for Saturday.  I overflowed with joy when I saw the buses were running from the TTC to the entrance (always take the bus! IT IS ALWAYS FASTER!).

We walked in just as the Trolley Show was coming into Town Square, perfect. D's first order of business was to wow her Trolley friends with JUST HOW TALL SHE IS NOW.

And how she is STARTING KINDERGARTEN in just a few short days.

We ran into some friends watching the show, so we all headed over to the Barnstormer together.

It was definitely a crowded day, and pretty brutally hot, but we managed to dodge from place to place, avoiding long lines and heat when we could (bless my Frogg Togg). D had pointed out that we hadn't done Philharmagic in ages, and there's nothing better to do when it's hot and crowded than sit in an air conditioned theater, amen.

We even hid in stores a few times.  D made a beeline for the sword and shield, then set herself up in front of Minnie to "protect" her.

We skipped parade due to the heat, but that meant we could do Enchanted Tales with very little wait time.

D tried her best to get Mrs Potts, but she ended up a dinner plate. She seemed happy anyway.

And check out my knight in shining armor.

Our last stop of the day was Splash Mountain.  I think I'm comfortable saying, after this summer, that Splash is my favorite mountain. 

Daphne is hiding for some reason.  Embarrassed of her parents maybe?

Ever since I saw D's remorseful face at not being able to join me to see Sasha Velour, I've been trying to finagle a way for her to see a drag show.  Turns out, Hamburger Mary's in Orlando hosts a Broadway Brunch every Sunday that is all ages.  Perfect.  Amanda snagged us a reservation and we had a fun girls' date.

Breakfast food, babies, dancing, and drag queens? It's like it was made just for my kid.

D was a little bashful at first.

I had to tip to start.  Then the guest drag queen, Gidget Galore (who I'm pretty sure was one of the first Orlando drag queens I ever saw back when I first moved out here) made her way back to us, swimming in pink.

From that point on, D was more than happy to snatch a dollar off my stack and hand them out whenever a queen made her way by our table.

And when there weren't queens near our table, D was happy to work on her own choreography for her future backup dancer status.


So that brings me to this.  When I started this site, it was mostly as an outlet for me to process my own thoughts and feelings on parenting.  It has evolved to be so much more than that, and I cherish all the memories I get to preserve here in perpetuity for us and our friends and family.  Still, there are more questions that I have to ask myself, like at what point do I start handing over control over the sharing of the ups and downs of my daughter's life... to her? Even for the sake of safety and security? So after a long talk with my family, Daphne starting kindergarten tomorrow is that point.  This will be the last issue of The Weekly Peanut in its current incarnation. I want to thank each and every one of you for being on this journey with us, through all the laughter and tears. 

So what's next? We embrace the next evolution.  TWP may be done, but it's new incarnation will be Peanut Adventures.  We'll continue to share stories of the fun experiences we have at theme parks or other "special" adventures like conventions or travel (how could I NOT write about our upcoming Disneyland trip??), it just will leave out the more personal stuff like school, development, etc.  At the moment I still plan to update MinkFlamingos weekly, so if we don't have anything to share on Peanut Adventures, there will be an addition somewhere else on the site.  Speaking of which, if you have suggestions, requests, or ideas for topics? BRING IT ON. This writer loves a good prompt!

Thank you all, again.  See you real soon ;)

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 233

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 233