Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 216

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 216

The Queen returned to Magic Kingdom this weekend, complete with throne.

"Mommy! I'm the queen! And you are my people. Now you have to come over here and ask me for stuff..." Uh... ok?

Watched Spring Trolley with friends.  The night before we divvied up our three fastpasses, one each.  Daddy chose Haunted Mansion.

You can tell we're on Haunted Mansion, because it's so dark, eh? Spring break crowds were in full effect, so we found ourselves wandering over to Country Bears (which was still crowded).  Daphne laughs so hard at Big Al every time. Daphne's friend, MacKenna, and her family were in town visiting, so we headed back to Fantasyland to meet up with them.  D found ways to kill time.

Reunited at last!

And now we use our Fastpass that Daphne chose: Small World. Because my child hates me, clearly.

Daphne, for her part, was all over baby Gigi again.

"Mommy, I sit next to baby Gigi at Tiki room!"

Our friends went to grab lunch and we went to use MY fastpass, Pirates of the Caribbean.

With Gigi gone, Daddy got all of Daphne's cuddles. Headed to the castle stage to watch a Friendship Faire.  Summer is HERE y'all.  D stole my sunglasses.

I headed to Town Square to hold down a parade spot while Ian took D to Space Mountain to see if she was tall enough (it had only been a few weeks since the last time we checked but I SWEAR she is bigger every day right now). Sure enough, D just made the cut. Space Mountain FastPass, here we come! Then she managed to talk Ian into an interlude of Carousel of Progress.  I'm just grateful I dodged that bullet.

Our friends met back up with us while we were waiting for the parade.  D got to hold Gigi and it was probably the highlight of her day.

I'm dead serious.

We called it a day after the parade and headed out.  We ended up at Swine and Sons to grab dinner.  D was thrilled when they made her some simple Avocado Toast. 

Sunday we ended up staying home all day, doing work around the house.  Ian bought D some gardening tools so she was gung ho to "help" as well.

There you have it. Our first weekend illness free in quite some time. Jinx. Knock on wood. 

Oh and I registered Daphne for Kindergarten on Tuesday.  No big deal. I'm fine.


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