Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 212

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 212

This should have been a jam-packed issue.  BIG WEEKEND PLANS we had.  Instead, around 3 pm on Friday, I got a call from D's school; she has a fever.  NOOOOOO. 

I pick her up.  She has a temperature of around 100.2 and no appetite. I give her Tylenol.  She acts normal. She eats.  I cancel plans for the evening anyway.  She wakes up Saturday, feels normal.  I still cancel plans JUST BECAUSE I REFUSE TO BE THE MOM THAT SPREADS ILLNESS TO OTHER KIDS.  Instead we go back to Cask & Larder for the monthly pig roast for the first time in ages.  They brought her an extra cupcake.

Ian had to work that evening, so D and I had a quiet evening of watching Project Runway, RuPaul's Drag Race, and Guardians of the Galaxy (before you leap to judgment about me letting my kid watch stuff like this, she's not watching them alone, we watch this stuff proactively and engage in conversations about the adult themes and what they mean which I think is IMPORTANT).

Sunday we all HAD to get out of the house, so we took our first foray of the year to MY favorite festival, Flower and Garden at Epcot. No morning FastPasses, no people to meet up with, so we just took it easy and let D lead the way.  Straight to MouseGear.  Where she wanted to build light sabers all day.

We finally coaxed her out of there with promises of visiting the butterfly tent.

Try as she might, D seemed to be the only person who couldn't get a butterfly to land on her.

We finally ventured out into the World Showcase to do the Easter Egg Hunt.  Not unlike the Festival of the Arts painting hunt, we absolutely love this activity to help kids really get interested in exploring the World Showcase.  We did the Egg Hunt last year, and D loved it.

So I'm going to post some *spoiler* pictures of where the eggs are this year! It won't be with a lot of context, so unless you're already familiar with the showcase it's not necessarily going to reveal it, BUT some of these eggs are really hard to find, and if you don't want to spend LITERALLY all day combing the showcase, this might actually be a helpful way to guide your family to the eggs.

We begin in Mexico, where D found SeƱor Duck, of course. (Ian and I may have made a few tasty food stops along the way.  As always, Flower and Garden totally delivers.)

The egg in Norway took us forever to find.

China, not so much.  This was around the time that D started saying EVERY TIME we found an egg "A Mama Bird laid that egg. There's a baby inside."

At the outpost, a cast member gave us a really helpful hint on where to find Chip.

A lot of the spots they used for eggs were the same or close to where the art pieces were placed, actually. Like here in Germany. (D is pouting because I told her she couldn't stop and color).

D found Goofy in Italy. Lord knows I never would have.

D found Mickey right after she stole all my pennies to toss into the fountain in America.

Be careful or you might trip over Figment on your way into Japan.

D found Perry in Morocco before we could even try to look for him. (BTW can you tell it was a windy day? Thank goodness D and I both wear shorts under all our skirts).

Ian took D to find Minnie in France while I grabbed us some snacks at the Farm Fresh booth.

White Rabbit could only be found AFTER D made googly eyes over all the Beatles merchandise in the UK gift shop.

Thumper in Canada provided one of the prettier views.  Map complete, D got to cash in on her REAL prize and favorite part of the Flower and Garden Festival.

That violet lemonade. It's so good.  From there, we cashed in our completed map for her prize. They had a whole new set of eggs to choose from this year.

She chose Mickey.  Took a quick spin on Spaceship Earth on the way out.

Monday D was still in bed when I woke up. I went in to get her, and she was leaning pathetically over the side of the bed. "Mommy, I puke." What?? It doesn't smell like it... When? I check. It's clear.  Wet. Daphne... did you chug your water too fast and choke on it? "Maybe." Cause there's no bile in this.  Yes, I even sniffed it just to make sure (yay, adventures in parenting. So glamorous).  In the end, we erred on the side of caution and kept her home.  She was fine. Trust me. I was home with her. 

Tuesday D was back in school and completely normal.  Ian had to work, so we had a mommy-daughter date night at Stefano's.

When the waiter brought the spaghetti, D started loudly moaning and groaning and licking her chops over the spaghetti.  He did a double take, then said, "Oh... now I remember you." Yup. My kid, the spaghetti fiend.

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