Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 213

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 213

Thursday Daphne wanted to help me cook. She REALLY wanted to slice the tomatoes. So against all better judgment, I let her.

Contrary to what that picture might suggest, we both survived with all our limbs intact. Know what happened Friday? My kid spiked a fever. Again. *Sigh* So Daphne had to come to work with me.

Saturday I introduced her to the soothing powers of hot lemon tea with honey.

We laid low. We painted. I begged her to STOP WITH THE FEVER.

The fever broke, so we decided to brave Magic Kingdom Sunday afternoon to be social. But first, pancakes.

We got lunch from Wendy's on the way.  D LOVED their chicken nuggets.  She went on and on and on about them.  She was still talking about them while we parked. She was still talking about them through her nose bleed. She wears a white top, of course she has a nose bleed in the car. Of. Course.

She also stole a pen and used it to "write notes" to herself on her hands (she saw me do it once). She basically scribbled her name over and over again.

Monorail was down. Had to take the ferry. D made a friend.

Caught up with friends just in time to watch Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Cheered for frogs and fishes.

Watched the last Friendship Faire of the day.

Headed to Frontierland and caught up with Chris and Chelsea.

D was hangry and refused to join in the hoedown.  So I did and took pictures of her reluctantly watching.

But mostly we were there to cheer on David one last time.

Needing to feed our hangry kid, we hopped on a boat over to the Polynesian.

Ian and I got our favorite meatballs at Captain Cook's (Ok, also a cocktail from Trader Sam's). D opted for a hot dog. It was good to see that her appetite might finally be coming back after being so spotty for the past couple of weeks.

In case you're wondering, yes, she had ketchup AND barbecue sauce on her hot dog.  And somehow, the white top of that dress survived it all.


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