Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 207

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 207

This weekend was chilly.

Anyone who follows our snapchat knows that D's favorite big fancy princess dress is this Aurora number.  She wears it ALL THE TIME at home. I figured with the chilly weather, I could let her finally wear it out of the house for the first time.  We headed out bright and early to see some out of town friends on their last day of their trip at Magic Kingdom.

Flying solo with the kid, but I still managed to get us onto the tram from the TTC.  Not gracefully, but I managed. We made it into the Magic Kingdom before our friends, but just as the music was starting down Main Street for the trolley show.  We positioned ourselves to watch under the train station.  I suddenly heard a shriek of joy from my child.

D's "throne," the shoe-shine chair, which had been missing for months, had suddenly reappeared.  We watched trolley and got to see everybody in their full winter wear with coats (happens maybe 3 days a year).

Note my kid refusing to wear her cape.  Despite everyone else in coats.  Thank goodness I got her into that turtleneck at least.

I asked D what she wanted to do while we waited for our friends.  Ride something? Do something? No. D wants to see Friendship Faire. I let her kill some time in the shops on the way.

I have no idea what that pose is.  An archer? On to the castle!

Our friends were almost here, but we at least had time for a quick spin on the People Mover.  The park was unseasonably crowded due to the ProBowl and everything had LINES.

We shopped some more at castle couture. My kid went straight past the girly stuff and grabbed these.

Self-rescuing princess, indeed. She rescued Minnie, too.

We caught up with our friends in Castle Couture.  The girls' dad grabbed a spot in line to meet the Fairy Godmother and Lesley and I took the girls on the carousel.

Daphne got to meet baby Gigi.  Lesley asked D if she wanted to hold her. D got the same look on her face as when she saw her throne was back.

D and McKenna started dancing together.  D showed a little progress... she twirled McKenna first before asking McKenna to twirl her (normally she just goes all dictator about being the "princess" so, yes, this was progress).

McKenna and her sister were dressed as Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother, all costumes made by her mom (Mac's Cindy dress is made from her mom's wedding dress! How cool is that?). We were in line to be the first family to see the Fairy Godmother while the stepsisters were wrapping their sets.  But as soon as the sisters saw the girls, they had to run over and say hi.  D got hugs with her BFF Anastasia, too.

The Fairygodmother and Gigi together were really something to see.  FGM scooped the baby into her arms and promptly soothed her to sleep in her arms.  Pure magic.  D kept letting the FGM know that Gigi loved her. 

We all headed back to Town Square to visit the boss mouse.  It was so sweet.  We even got Mickey to record a special birthday message for our friend, Livvy, across the Atlantic.

Mickey danced with the girls while humming "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." Our friends had to head out to their Bibbidi Bobbidi appointment, so D and I went to grab lunch at Pecos Bill. Riding solo with the kid, the restaurant is packed, and of course the moment I get our tray full of food and find a table all the way over at Tortuga, D proclaims that she HAS to go to the bathroom.  Ugh. So I scoop up ALL of our stuff and had to leave our tray of food on the changing table. Table's gone when we get out, so we ended up on a bench. Oh well. D without her dress kind of looks like a beatnik Beatle, nah?

See that frozen slush and cake? D struck up a conversation with a sweet custodial worker, and she suddenly showed up with both of them for the kid.  My kid didn't even know what to do with all that sugar.  We headed back to main street and caught up with Sarah and Chris at a packed Starbucks. We hung out in the hub grass for a little bit, and Lea showed up. Sarah had to go back to work, but the rest of us grabbed our usual spot in Town Square for Festival of Fantasy.

D got a hug from Dale. Lea went to work, and we took a ride on the people mover. Again. But D asked to ride it again.  Thank goodness it was basically the only ride at the park without massive waits.

We watched a Friendship Faire then headed home to meet up with Daddy and Uncle David for dinner. We ended up at a TJ's seafood shack.  D had fried shrimp.  She really liked them once she picked off all the breading.

Sunday was a very relaxing start to the day.  Ian made us all avocado toast, and we introduced D to some classic cinema.  Like Help!...

And That's Entertainment! Uncle David headed home midday, and we hopped in the car to track down some lunch. But where to go? "PIZZA BRUNO!" D's wish is our command.

Ian and I got some tasty brunch menu items, D got her usual pizza. Which she completely polished off by herself except for one slice that Ian and I shared. Only at Pizza Bruno.


The Weekly Peanut, Issue 208

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 208

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 206

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 206