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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 203 Happy New Year

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 203 Happy New Year

I was off work, D was off of a lot of school.  Did we take this time to rest and recuperate?


We are crazy and decided to go to Magic Kingdom on one of the absolute busiest days of the year (which frequently reaches phase closings): December 30th. But, like the other days we visited during the holiday peak, it wasn't as bad as last year.  In fact MK only reached a phase capacity closing on December 31st and that was it.  It was also Florida's first (and only so far) day of "Winter" with a high around 60.  That meant we could finally break out the costume we'd hoped to wear for a Halloween Party but it was too hot.

I also managed to forget to put the battery back in my camera. We had some time to kill before Amanda and Maddie would arrive, so we took a chilly stroll around the kingdom passing out candy canes. 

Watched a Friendship Faire. Rode the teacups.

Caught up with our girls and scoped out some potential future real estate investments.

Hung out in the hub grass watching FF and seeing friends.

Grabbed a spot in Town Square for our last Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade of the season.  The girls got charged with protecting a snowball during Kringle Krew.  They took this responsibility very seriously.

The girls were not expecting to be recognized by the Toyland Elves, so that was really cool.

After the parade the girls were invited to come meet the bears in the barn, and it was probably the sweetest meet we've ever had.  D was beside herself and all cuddles and kisses for these two adorable toys.

Love these girls. It was their idea to pose like this. 

picture by Amanda

picture by Amanda

I'd decided to bail after the first parade to avoid the rest of the crowds and hop over to Hollywood Studios. D changed into civilian clothes (LOL), and we met up with Mellie.  D wanted to watch Jedi Training, but I told her Darth Vader wanted us to come watch the 2:40 show. "DARTH VADER HAS A CELL PHONE?!" Uhh yeah.  That thing on his chest has wifi, and he used it to text me. Beep boop beep boop. Done. Went to Launch Bay instead. D went straight for the Angry Birds game, but switched gears to look for Jawas soon after. 

The Jawas loved the tsumtsum rings we brought to trade, and D got another droid part in return.  As we were going to leave, another Jawa arrived. "MOMMY!! THREEEEEE JAWAS?????!!!! OH. MY. GOSH."  Took her to Jedi Training after that and cheered on Vader.  Mr Chris came to say Hi after the show, and D conscripted him to lift duty.


In my infinite generosity, I grabbed FastPasses for the Frozen Singalong (since Daddy wasn't with us to protest).  I was so glad; the Arendelle historians have gotten even funnier in my absence.

Went to the commissary for dinner.  They keep changing the menu.  Due to a flub in the ordering process, I was blessed with a free Salmon dinner.  Which Daphne kept stealing bites of (go figure). They also started doing this pager/locator thing instead of having you wait at the counter for your food, which was really nice.  We had almost no line for food and no problem finding a table.  Pretty great for peak week at the parks.

Have I mentioned my kid is obsessed with the music from Trolls?

Daphne said she wanted to go "visit her friends" at the front of the park, so we ventured out to see if we'd get lucky and run into some.  While we waited, D found a boy who looked maybe 13 but was hanging out alone and somehow talked him into playing hide and seek with her.  Bless his soul, he was so patient with her and let her lead him around and "hide him" and take her lecturing him on how to count. Betting he has younger siblings.

A few minutes later the gates opened and out came D's "friends." The Queen beckoned D over right away.

My favorite is D lecturing characters about not getting to eat their candy canes until AFTER dinner, because they are treats. MOMMY! ROBIN HOOD IS ALL ALONE!

These two are nothing but kisses every time they get together.  It was as we were leaving Robin Hood that I noticed D was scratching at her nose.  No. Not again. She charged over to Poca.  Please... Please don't get a nosebleed on Pocahontas and her beautiful winter coat.

She didn't. She kept her hand away from her face, and discouraged Poca from having to share her candy cane with Meeko. After Poca I took her back to the stroller to get her nose under control (this freakin' dry air).  She asked if she could go see Mulan, too.  I got some really cute pictures and videos, but this one is my favorite.

Went back in to use some Toy Story FastPasses.  D managed to score 26K and declared herself the winner. Mellie took D on Star Tours after that, too. 

Saturday morning I took D to spend one of her gift cards at Barnes & Noble. I was very proud of her for bypassing all the toys and going straight to the books section.  I insisted on a collection of Bunnicula books, but D also picked out some Trolls and the Little Golden Book of the new Ghostbusters.  D is REALLY into the new Ghostbusters.  She made me watch it TWICE over the weekend. We stopped into ThinkGeek before heading home and D accessorized herself.

New Year's Eve we were invited to spent the evening with Maddie's family again.  There was guacamole and chicken tacos, so D pigged out.  Yay.  There were also roasting marshmallows.  Daphne heaven.

pic by amanda

pic by amanda

D was in bed before 9, and I fell asleep around 11:45 waiting for fireworks.  Mom life. With that said, earlier bedtime was fine by me, because I was eager to revisit our New Year's Day at Magic Kingdom tradition.  Amanda and I were reflecting on how AWESOME last year was and thinking there was no way we could top it.  I should know better. Every time I think this, Disney finds a way to show me the error of my ways...

As we entered the park, we were gifted with a special sticker from the gate cast member. Fortuitious. We had some time before Maddie and Amanda would arrive, so we wandered over to Adventureland.  It was gloriously empty.  We did the Swiss Family Treehouse for the first time since its rehab.

"Mommy! Look! I grew! I'm tall enough to see!" Yup. We used to have to pick her up so she could see in the rooms. No more.  We walked on to Pirates of the Caribbean and made it back to the hub in time to catch Friendship Faire up front with Maddie and Amanda with the girls wearing their coordinating Tiana and Naveen outfits.

We cheered. Naveen pointed and winked at the girls.  It was fantastic. After the show we were approached by a blueberry. "Do you guys have a minute? Somebody would like to see you." EH?! We were led up behind the castle set, and sure enough, magic.  PURE magic. 

Daphne trying to put on her gloves and failing.  Yup. And how gorgeous are those outfits up close? My heart. I remember looking at Amanda as we walked back down the ramp and saying "Remember when we thought we couldn't top last year? Touché, Disney." And thank you so much to the Cast Members who gifted us with this incredible magic moment.

Hustled back down main street to catch the last Trolley Show of the day and the first Winter Trolley of the season. Ian took the girls up on top of the train station to watch the show.

There were twirls and hugs...

... but the highlight for me was Daphne finally getting proper dipping lessons. 

It was then that Amanda had a brilliant idea: Get photos of the girls together in their costumes in the Glen (where Tiana and Naveen used to meet together, and we have so many cherished memories).

We rode the People Mover.

Visited some Enchanted Tiki birds.

Met new friends, Ava and Charlotte. Had a photo shoot.

Grabbed a different spot to watch the first Festival of Fantasy parade of the year.  Everybody loved the girls' costumes, and they got so much love during the parade.

We took the girls to visit Cinderella and (finally) Elena in the hall. Cindy gave them wand waving lessons.

... and Twirled with Elena.  D, however, decided she'd rather hide in the curtains than participate in the group photo.  Ah well.

Final stop of the day? Frontierland Hoedown.  The girls did the whole dance with David!

D even did the hokey pokey with Big Al! At best she usually just walks around and stares, so I'm very proud of her for participating.

It was almost 6 o'clock, and Ian was craving Thai coconut meatballs from the Polynesian Resort.  So we hopped the monorail over to our resort home-away-from-home. D ordered a cheeseburger.  Ian and I shared a cocktail.  We sat out on the patio and raised our glass to the totally awesome day and a kid who really managed to keep her act together most of the time.  2017, off to a very good start.

Monday D had no school, so I stayed home and we tried to recover a bit.  Mostly D watched movies.  Ghostbusters. Again.

She approached me with this getup. "Mommy. I am Holtzman.  This (holds up the wii gun) is my JUICE!"

Hey! It's January! SLEEP AT LAST!




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