Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 181

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 181

We hit up our favorite food truck (Bem Bom) up in Oviedo last Thursday. We had no idea there was a little splash pad/park up there.  D was pretty disappointed we'd not packed accordingly.

Finally finished Episode II of Star Wars.  Appreciate the blur that is my child pursuing Count Dooku with her light saber.

Ian texted me at work Friday that he'd found a lunch reservation at Frontera for Saturday and would I like to go. I've been a Rick Bayless fangirl ever since he won Top Chef All Stars, so of course I enthusiastically confirmed my desire to make this option reality. Frontera Cocina is in the newly expanded area of Disney Springs and offers a pretty authentic menu.  A menu so full of things I wanted to eat, ordering was a real challenge.  D fell in love with our waitress, pulling her down for hugs after getting plenty of admiration for her twirls. 

Ian and I were very impressed with both the food and, all things considered (Disney Springs, Rick Bayless...) the prices.  For $16 you could get a reasonably sized cochinita pibil torta with a side salad.  The drinks are nuts, though.  I couldn't help but laugh at $7 for a Corona Light (not that I would ever drink one regardless of the price, but you get my point). We got a side of their beans and D really dug them once she got up the courage to try them. Although she insisted on eating them with a butter knife.

We had a lot of time to kill before our first fastpasses at Animal Kingdom that evening, so we wandered Disney Springs a bit more. D tried a lemon macaron and picked out a couple new Star Wars Tsums to add to our collection (Captain Phasma and Poe Dameron, if you're wondering). It was starting to sprinkle so we made our way back to the car.  Then Ian said something that totally surprised me, "I want to go watch Festival of Fantasy." ..... Wait... What? The guy who said he didn't want to watch it again until possibly October? Wants us to side trip to MK, the most obnoxious and tedious part to make your way into, just to watch the parade? So we did...

We made it to Town Square with time to spare (and it still sprinkling), so we meandered through the air conditioned shops a bit.  Grabbed our regular (mostly) shaded spot, then I let D run around taking pictures with my camera.  She captured the exact moment her "best friend," Lauren, found us.

D was equally thrilled about the reunion.

We had to hightail it to Animal Kingdom to make our FastPass for Festival of the Lion King post parade. D managed to charm her way to a lei which she insisted I make into a flower crown for her.

We passed Tarzan on the way back to Lion King. "Mommy, where Jane?" Well Jane only comes out for special occasions like Halloween. Do you want to go say hi to Tarzan anyway? "Nah, he be here next time..."

Daphne leaned over to me during the show. "Mommy! I want to go meet them! Outside ! After da show!" Aww... kid... we already got to do that, remember? "I didn't meet THEM!" .... The tumble monkeys? Uhh... well... sorry kiddo, we have to be invited to go meet people after the show. Then, as if my kid has magical telepathic powers, a tumble monkey appeared at our side a couple minutes later to give D a friendly poke in the tummy before running back to his choreography. D grinned big.

Straight over to Finding Nemo we went. This was our first time seeing the show since D started obsessing over the soundtrack in the car.  She was rapt the whole time, and she also insisted on choosing our seats this time.

We scarfed down some food as we headed back to ride the safari. It really is different every time. On this ride, a munching zebra stopped our truck for a few minutes right in front of the lions, who were out and AWAKE.

Our main objective in going to Animal Kingdom was to enjoy the Jungle Book show at least one more time before they take it away in September.  Our Safari driver warned us to make sure we were in line for standby at least 30 minutes prior to the show. He wasn't wrong.  We managed to get in and had a reasonable selection of where to sit. D got to watch Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular on my phone while we waited.

This show may be awful to photograph, but it's so great to experience. Yes, there's a lot going on. Yes, the video on the water screens isn't super decipherable. But the live music, singers, and performers are spectacular and just so different from anything else the parks has offered. It's more a love song to India than a celebration of Disneyana.

We did get to see the Tree of Life lit up on the way out. I made Ian promise we'd come back some night just to watch it, because it was spectacular to see. D, for all her protestations of not being tired, finally got cranky and whiny on the way out (about leaving, of course).  Remarkably, it was the first time she'd shown any turdiness the whole day. Hallelujah.

Sunday we went to D's friend, Ava's, 5th birthday party. It started as a pool party.

But D was acting a little uncharacteristically anti-social.  Or maybe she was just overwhelmed by all the awesome toys Ava has that she doesn't have.

It was probably compounded by tiredness. Unlike the last time we had a late night, D opted to NOT sleep in Sunday.

She also ate her weight in Finding Dory mac and cheese.

And took a swing at her first ever piƱata.

And tried to pin the fin on Nemo. Things finally came to a head when I told D it was time to go home and feed the dog. She didn't want to leave.  She also didn't want to go be polite and thank our hosts or say goodbye. So we had to have a little standoff about manners and politeness. She eventually (grudgingly) conceded and home we went. 

I was mildly concerned that this was an indication that D would be swinging back toward a turdy phase again (nooooo we only just got out of the last one!).  When I picked her up from school Monday, however, she was pretty darn awesome. Ian had to work late, so I took her to Wawa and let her pick out her dinner.  I also introduced her to Old Bay.

She dug it.

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