Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 172

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 172

Daphne got a new toothbrush.  How far down the Star Wars Rabbit Hole we've fallen...

The child is still darksided. I am cautiously optimistic on the food front. D helped me make healthy clam chowder this week.  She ate it enthusiastically. Except the clams. She tried the clams then respectfully told me they were not to her liking, so I removed them for her (more for me!). Daphne's Uncle David came to visit for Megacon weekend. We tried out a new Tex Mex spot in Winter Springs called Saint Añejo.  D finally put ketchup on her french fries and liked it.

But really she spent most of the meal trying to monopolize Uncle David's attention

Have I mentioned how much this kid talks? She doesn't ask endless questions, but she invents endless stories which seamlessly loop from one to the next.  "And you may ask yourself... how did I get here?"  We took D to Menchie's next door.  She got mad when I put magic shell on her yogurt, until she tried it.

Darn right I did the I TOLD YOU SO dance. Ian followed it up with one of his own when she thoroughly enjoyed the brownie chunks he'd added over her protestations as well. Yes, we are both petty. We're also right.

D sang a song on the way home that I hadn't heard in around 25 years. Saturday Ian and David went to Megacon. D and I had a low key morning around the house, but headed out around 3 to meet up with our best Warrior buddy. It must be spring, because there are baby bunnies EVERYWHERE at Disney. D was losing her mind wanting to chase after them.

We've officially entered the time of year when it's too darn hot for most costumes.  We'd brought one with us, but D opted to save it for after the sun went down. I respect that. We caught Mulan right at the end of her set, so the ladies got to take a walk through China pavilion together.  Mulan had a surplus of blueberries in training with her, so D helped Mulan put the trainees through their paces.

We hightailed it out of Epcot right after to make our way to Animal Kingdom to check out their new nighttime offerings. It was so hot.  We sought refuge from the heat in one of the Dinoland restaurants.  D was super excited that she got to keep the bucket and shovel that came with her food.  I asked her to "pose fancy" with it. This is what I got.

Took a spin on the dinosaur version of Dumbo ride.


D would have stayed in the Dinoland playground all day, going up and down the endless stairs and slides if I let her. 

I was rescued by a text from Ian that he'd finally made it to the park, just in time for us to take D on a ride I was rather nervous about, but for which she was finally tall enough.

pose, again, 100% Daphne

pose, again, 100% Daphne

Of the three of us, I'm the only one that's been on this ride before.  It is a bit physically intense, but it's also got a lot of jump scares and darkness.  I was definitely concerned that D would not enjoy it. Still, I figured it would be a good testing ground to see if she's ready for Tower of Terror. We rode it.  D clung to my arm, but she didn't seem overly distressed.  Even heard her giggle once or twice.  We got off the ride. "Wow... dat was a scary dinosaur..." But did you like the ride? "Ya... sometimes... sometimes I like it." Would you ride it again? "NOT RIGHT NOW!" No, of course not right now, but one day? "I don't know. Dat scary dinosaur. It was fun sometimes." I have no idea what this means.  We'll find out if she ever asks to go on the ride again. She was far more excited about walking through the gift shop.

MOMMY IT'S A DINOSAUR LIGHT SABER!! Ian was hungry, so we grabbed some food at the Harambe market before using our Kilimanjaro Safari Fastpass. It was right at sunset, but not fully dark.  I'd heard mixed reviews about the safari at night (that it's mostly dark and hard to see much of anything), turns out sunset was the way to go.

I cannot stress this enough: every safari is different. We got stuck behind rhinos, watched a baby rhino walk right past our truck, saw the Wild Dogs playing and the Lions outside their rock lounging. It was spectacular, although we didn't see the hyenas that had been advertised. D opted to change into her new dress when we got back to the stroller. It's VERY good for twirling. So good she kept running ahead of us so she could do the walk-and-twirl.

The sun was setting and we made our way to the new Jungle Book: Alive with Magic show. You'll have to forgive me for the lack of photos. It is very dark.

I think I'll end up doing a more extensive write up when I have a chance, but we loved the show. We were in the front row, right in front of the closest barge of performers.  D got pulled up to dance. She kept looking lost, then Ian and I hollered "Jump, D" "Sissy that walk!" and she leaped into action.

I'd been hoping to also catch some of the other nighttime offerings like Carnivale and the Tree of Life fables, but we were so wiped by the time the show was over we opted to call it a night. 

We were all completely taken with the Jungle Book show.  It's not like anything else at Disney, and Animal Kingdom continues to showcase itself as the place to be for live performances at WDW. We'll most likely be making several more trips to catch the show in its limited run and hopefully to get a chance to experience the other offerings of nighttime DAK.

Sunday was a day of being productive, responsible adults.  We cleaned the house and ran errands to get ready for a super small casual party my friend, Drew, and I decided to have for Memorial Day.  Way back BD (Before Daphne), Ian and I used to host what we called flag-waving parties for all the appropriate holidays, but this was our first attempt.  We only invited maybe 10 people to share in the glory that is Drew's gumbo and our pool.

D had a blast playing with her friends, and, once the rain started, finally showing The Princess and the Frog to Maddie. You are not prepared for my daughter's epic lip sync and choreo, here...

The adults knew the songs better than the kids, for the record.

We said goodnight to the kids and ended our long weekend. Pretty sure the weather is going to lead to most of our disney trips for the next few months being pretty exclusively evening time.


The Weekly Peanut, Issue 173

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 173

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 171

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 171