Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 171

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 171

It's been a pretty intense week of ups and downs in Peanutland. One day my sweet, funny little smarty pants is helping me cook dinner, laughing uncontrollably at me singing and dancing to an impromptu bacon cooking song, offering to eat a BRUSSELS SPROUTS salad.

While the day before I was entertaining fantasies of locking her entitled, rude tushy in her room for a decade. I have no idea which kid I'm going to have to deal with from minute to minute.

Ian tried out some of the Star Wars TV shows on Netflix with D. I think this was Clone Wars? She liked it pretty well, but she didn't understand that Anakin was Darth Vader. No, she didn't accept that one little bit.

Thursday we had dinner at Azteca with Ava and her family.  Always a barrel of laughs.  Partners in crime (and crazy). Coordinating outfits unplanned.

Daphne likes my asian stir fry.  I told her the asparagus was green beans.  She agreed to eat them all, but only if she could take them all out of the stir fry and eat them one by one. Yeah I don't get it either.

Our Saturday plans fell through last minute, so we ended up just having a family errand running day. D and I wandered around Whole Foods together while Ian was shoe shopping.  The Altamonte store is CHOCK FULL O FREE SAMPLES. D was having a ball.  I let her pick out her lunch from the hot bar.

Ian and I opted to pick up lunch from Swine and Sons.  Daphne proceeded to eat some chips, but only after rubbing them vigorously on the pickle. No, she did not eat the pickle itself.

Sunday started rough with D's attitude.  Any other day Disney privileges would have been revoked, but some dear friends from out of town were visiting. Instead we delayed our departure to give kiddo a chance to pull her head out of her rear.  She eventually did and we headed to Epcot.

I asked her to pose...

I asked her to pose...

D asked to go ride Figment while we waited for our friends.  Headed back... wait a minute it's 10 am and there's a huge line for Figment? WTF?! So we wandered over to the Disney-Pixar Film Festival for the first time (it's next door in the EO theater). I was in no hurry to check out this experience.  It feels like filler.  I've seen all these shorts.  Oh well.

I'm not sure if they mix up the movies or not, but we got to see Get a Horse, La Luna and For the Birds. Maybe I am biased since these are three of my favorites, but we all had a great time! Get a Horse in particular was so spectacular in the 3-D theater.  Ian is not a 3-D fan, but we both turned to each other when that short was over and declared it some of the best 3-D we'd ever seen. And La Luna always makes me cry, it is so beautiful. So touché, Disney. It may be air-conditioned filler, but I sure enjoyed it.

Of course we couldn't escape the fountains without D wasting endless time there. We finally met up with MacKenna's family, and the girls decided they wanted to do the Nemo ride. Conveniently we had FastPass, since it, too, had an unusually long line.

The girls both held my hand the whole time in line and declared they wanted to ride with ME in the seashell.  I'm not used to being the popular one among the kids!

We split up to get food, but somehow all ended up back at Morocco Quick Service together anyway. We strolled showcase together a bit longer, but said goodbye when MacKenna got in line to see Mulan and D declared her desire for Donald Duck ride in Mexico.  Honestly it wouldn't feel like an Epcot trip without the obligatory Mexico pavilion visit.

D was swinging back toward the not listening category off and on all day, so we were pretty ready to turn in.  D is about to outgrow her Anger dress and hadn't yet worn it to headquarters (we've only been the one time so far!), so I asked her if she'd like to go see Joy and Sadness.  She did. 

There was still a sizeable line, probably 30+ minutes (a lot for us), but D was not deterred.  She spent the time getting into character and watching Disneyland's now defunct Aladdin musical on youtube. The line seemed to be moving a lot more slowly than on our previous visit.  Most people probably wouldn't have liked that, but I was hoping it was an indication that people weren't being as rushed as last time.  Yes, our first trip to headquarters was a little rushed and a little crazy with our big group of people, so I was excited for D to have some extended quality time with two of her absolute favorite characters. Of course I was also nervous since she'd been kind of moody and not-listening. I reminded D carefully of all the character meeting manner protocol and hoped for the best.

My worries were for naught. This was absolutely one of the best character interactions we've ever had. Joy, Sadness, the attendants, the photopass, everybody was absolutely fantastic.  D barely touched the control panel (where she spent ugh the whole time last visit), she twirled with Sadness, she talked memory balls with the ladies. Joy got so excited about my Disgust hair bow and made Ian channel Fear for a full reunion. Ian got a video of the first part.  Don't mind my doofy self snapping pictures.


We definitely ended our Epcot day on a very high note. Or we would have, but we had a Spaceship Earth FastPass and D really wanted to go. So we did. And promptly got SEPARATED. WHAT?! They wouldn't let us all sit in the same row together.  I get it if D is like this huge person, but she's not. We always sit together. GRRRRRR.

This weekend we're all super excited to be having our first ever evening adventure at Animal Kingdom to check out the sunset safari and the new Jungle Book show. I got to interview the Creative Director of the Jungle Book show (read more about it here), and we're so excited!

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