Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 169

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 169

D actually requested green beans and cabbage steaks last week.  Knock me over with a feather...

She even ate most of it. Thursday when I got off work we grabbed the kid and headed down to Hollywood Studios since some friends were in town from Texas.  D and I ended up waiting around outside for a little while to catch the Fantasmic sets.  I asked her to take a picture with me.  This is what I get.

Maddie and Amanda caught up with us right before the sets started.  D was really excited to finally meet Meeko (technically she's met him before, but she was VERY young).

Poor Pocahontas. The girls only had eyes for the klepto Racoon.

D eventually gave Poca a hug while Maddie was busy tickling Meeko. When did our children become obsessed with tickling the characters? Especially furry ones???

D and Maddie did their darnedest to knock over Tiana. Fortunately she has a very strong core and was unphased.

The girls last stop was Stitch, and it was absolutely hilarious.  That crazy blue alien totally put the girls' shenanigans to shame. They tried to tickle him, he tickled back. They tried to hug tighter, he nhugged right back.  You can see the look of defeat on my kids' face toward the end: she knows when she's out of her depth.

Stich: 1. My child: 0.

We met up with our Texas friends (Ashley, Michael, and baby Addison!) and headed over toward the newest character meet in the parks: OLAF! (I know, seems a few years late...). D had seen pics on my instagram and was super excited.  The new meeting spot is over near the Jedi training.  D saw Jedi training and lost interest in Olaf. Let's go see Olaf, then we'll come back and watch Jedi training, kid.  Did I mention on the way to the park she was enthusiastically hollering at every Star Wars billboard we passed? Asked her if she wanted to meet Kylo Ren, she said she wanted to meet Vader instead. No doubt, my child is dark-sided.

My child is also obsessed with babies.  Possibly more obsessed than me. She loves to coo at them and pet their cheeks and heads and pat their feet and tiny shoes. I think the highlight of D's whole evening was when Amanda helped her "hold" baby Addison in line for Olaf.  After a very short wait, it was our turn with the snow man. They walked us in. D got one look at Olaf and was having NONE. She didn't scream or whine, she just refused to go anywhere near him.  Poor Olaf...

As promised we let the girls go watch Jedi training. They cheered enthusiastically for Darth Vader. For my part (as I'd warned Ashley), I hijacked baby Addison.  Ah mah gahhhh she is the sweetest little nugget ever and I have no shame over monopolizing that baby the whole evening. (Ok, maybe a tiny bit of baby hoarding guilt, but I never had a 4 month old that was that mellow and sweet. NEVER.) Thank you, Ashley and Michael, for giving me so much quality time with your angel baby.  (This will also serve as my explanation for the limited pictures from this night).

Our group headed to launch bay for a date with the walking carpet. Maddie has completely overcome her fear of Chewie; he's even allowed to talk now.  D, for her part, loves the furball.

We emerged from Chewie's spot and D promptly declared that she wanted to meet Kylo Ren. I was very surprised by this, but she was insistent so we got into his line. Maddie wanted nothing to do with it. I felt certain we were doomed to failure when we were led into the room with D in front and Kylo LITERALLY LEAPED OUT IN FRONT OF HER to scare her.  D squealed a little but, to my astonishment, promptly side-stepped him and made her way up to the front.  Kylo lined us all up like we were facing a firing squad and started talking about recruiting us to the first order.  There was no hugging Kylo (Kylo doesn't do hugs, clearly), but D seemed to have a ball.

After that silliness we ended up just hanging out in the angry birds game room.  The girls climbed all over Michael and Ian.  I monopolized the baby and did countless squats with her since it made her smile, and a smiling, cooing 4 month old was such a novelty to me (I paid for those squats dearly the rest of the weekend, believe me).  We headed out after that since we had work/school in the morning.

Saturday was Maddie's Mad Tea Party/Birthday Party at her house. We offered to come over early and help get everything set up. I promised myself I wouldn't monopolize baby Addison, yet I still ended up having a lot of her.  YAY.  I tried to only offer myself up if she was being fussy, as I pride myself on my fussy baby skills (all thanks to D). I feel like I barely saw my kid all day, as she was surrounded by toys and people and things to do.

We started out Mother's Day with an awesome card from my daughter (inside which she wrote her name, this is a big deal) and a new Tower of Terror magic band. D dictated the hair style and dress she wanted to wear and we headed down to magic kingdom. We rode the Barnstormer.

D made a friend in the Christmas store. He wanted to give her a button. He only had one.  I didn't have the heart to shut either of them down.


We hung out in the hub grass for a few minutes, said hi to Molly and her family, but in the end I decided to change venues.  Off to Disney Springs!

Tried out Paradiso 37 for lunch (because there was no wait). It was ok, but very expensive for what you got.

We strolled around the streets and shops, but didn't end up getting anything.

Opted to make our way over to the outlets (where all the overpriced stuff from Disney Springs and the parks goes to be discounted) and picked up some tshirts and other goodies.  It was the emptiest I've ever seen the outlets, too. D also got new blue shoes, of which she is very proud.

There you have it. Mother's Day weekend in the books.  Another birthday party is coming up this weekend, too...

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