Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 156

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 156

Finally bit the bullet and took the kiddo furniture shopping for her big girl bed.  We'd been promising for weeks, it was time.

Saturday morning we started out at Rooms to Go and made our way to Ashley.  Much as D loved the (gulp, expensive) Disney princess beds at RtG, we ended up settling on a simpler sturdy twin at Ashley. With a trundle for future (GULP) sleepovers. We have some friends from the UK coming to stay with us next month, so it may come in handy pretty soon.

D really wanted a bunk bed, but that was NOT happening.

Furniture shopping sure is exhausting. Had lunch at Amigo's. Daphne suddenly turned crazy at the restaurant. Whatcha doin', kid?

"Mommy, I hug da farts out."  I can't make this up. Cold and sprinkling it may have been, but we were bound and determined to cheer on some friends in Disney's Festival of Fantasy parade. Maddie's mom joined us.

We camped out in the cover of the train station to wait for the parade. Ian took Daphne to explore Town Square while we waited. I creeped on them with my telephoto lens while they waited to see Princess Aurora.

Check out that perfectly composed princess pose.

Have I mentioned my kid loves umbrellas?

After all that they cancelled the parade and all we got was our first ever rainy day cavalcade.

D's exact words at the end: "Dat's it??" It continued to drizzle. We wandered around, waiting for friends to join us. Eventually Brooke found us and we stopped at Pecos Bill for some food. D asked to go see her froggy favorites on our way back to visit Chris in Tomorrowland.

Yup, Naveen always gets his own hugs now. D also thought it was hilarious when I suggested a "hug sandwich." We got word from Chris that he was on a break, so we could go say hi to him over at the Incredibles Super Dance Party.  The rain never bothered my kid, or Chris, anyway.

They stomped in puddles and chased each other around, then Chris introduced her to lifts. She did the arms and legs all on her own. She was in love from that moment on. All. The. Lifts. I swear she made Chris do it at least 9 times before he had to go back to work, and then she started making Ian do it. By then we were all soaked and cold (Amanda, who was kind enough to get that video, had an umbrella and was probably the driest of us). We gave up on MK at that point and made our way over to the Poly to dry off and have some dinner and cocktails.  Brooke joined us.

She let Daphne brush/style her hair. Superbowl Sunday we broke our yearly tradition of curling up in front of the TV binge-watching Star Trek, because we were invited to a Superbowl party with Amanda and Maddie. D was VERY excited to see her friend Maddie. The girls had a ball, Ian and I gorged ourselves on chili and guacamole and cookies. The girls got to make s'mores, too.

(Thanks for the pics, Amanda). Daphne is a very dainty s'more eater. We called it a night around 8, and brought D home.

Normally this would conclude my weekly peanut issue, as the week is filled with school, business as usual. Tuesday morning, D came into our room as normal, gave us sleepy cuddles. Then she asked me to carry her back to her room to get ready for school. That was a little unusual. I took two steps into her room, and she proceeded to upchuck all over both of us. It was all water (thank GOD, it helped me not start a barforama). Strangely enough, she started asking for food right away. I called out of work and school, settled in to prepare for a long gross day. I gave D a little cereal. She ate it. "Mommy, I ok. I just drank too much water too fast." Wait... what? "Da water on my table from last night." You chugged it before you came in to see us? "Yes. It make me sick. I ok now." Well let's just take the cereal slow and see how it goes. No fever. No other symptoms. I appeared to have done the call out unnecessarily. Daphne's nervous/excited stomach strikes again (lord, flashing back to that awful week... ).  Here's hoping we don't have any more repeats, eh?

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