Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 158

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 158

We found out early last week some sad news: due to budget cuts, Lady Tremaine would no longer be doing any meets outside of character dining. So we immediately aligned our weekend plans to send off Lady T in style with our friends. It started with making it to the parks by rope drop so we could wave and cheer enthusiastically during the Welcome Show.

We ran into Cynthia's sweet family in front of the park, clearly dressed for the same occasion. Maddie also joined us. Maddie's mom teaches sign language, and Maddie's been throwing a particular sign around a lot lately at the parks.

We love you, too, Lady T. Headed up to Fantasyland so we could hopefully catch the ladies on their way out for their first set. D's friend, Flossie, and her mom caught up with us there, as well as Bella and her Mom. We had quite the Tremaine ensemble by the time our favorite non-royal family made their appearance.

Lady T and her daughters walked our grand party around to the Sword in the Stone, just so we could all take turns seeing if we were secretly royalty.

The magic continued as the Tremaines pulled us all into the line for the carousel.

Anastasia taught D how to "wave to the peasants."

Lady T and the girls then escorted the group back over to their official meeting spot at the Fantasyland wall.

It was at this point that Jeanna and I had a mini-heart attack: Bella and Daphne had disappeared from the group. They were there when we first arrived at the wall, then suddenly they weren't. I hollered out "DAPHNE?!!!!" and, thank goodness, I immediately got a hollered response "MOMMY WE HIDING!!!" Sure enough, D and Bella were on the other side of the wall "hiding." Oy. Back to the group picture. D started insisting on a group hug, much to Lady Tremaine's dismay...

Apparently I've done too good a job with Daphne wanting to share the spirit of giving, because she came over to me and told me she needed a gift for Lady Tremaine. Aww, kiddo... we didn't plan very well and we don't have anything right now. D looked troubled. I told her that, if she wanted to, she could give the hair bow she was wearing (with Lady T's face) to her. D nodded enthusiastically.

So with one last hug, we said "See You Real Soon" to Lady T. Bella and D are both planning birthday dinners at Park Fare, so we'll definitely be seeing her again in a few months.

Chris, Casey, and Lea joined us and we made our way over to say hi to the chipmunks in Frontierland for the first time. D gave sticks and leaves to Chip and Dale. And hugs and kisses, of course.

Now, when the time came for the group photo, I don't know what happened. Suddenly it was a pose-off. You can hear me dying in the background as my daughter fans herself with a leaf.

Had to say goodbye to Chris. Of course, Daphne made him do the lift again, but not without a hug first.

At that point we made the decision to park hop over to Animal Kingdom with Flossie and her mom, Lesley. Ian met up with us along with cousin David. Daphne took Casey for a walk.

Everybody went on It's Tough to Be a Bug. Ian surprised the girls with Mickey cookies.

Lesley got us all in for VIP seating at Festival of the Lion King!!! So. Cool. While we were waiting, Flossie decided she wanted to wear her Flit costume, so D got to wear the Lion King Cheetah costume Lesley made. She LOVED it. Especially the headdress.

Front row seats for the first time. The girls were quite taken with the smoke machines.

I let D hold my new Luau Timon tsum during the show. Near the end they gather up kids to do a processional around the room and Timon came up and waved at the girls. D LAUNCHED herself out of her seat and shoved my precious TsumTsum into Timon's paw.

I hopped up to relieve Timon of his new gift while D and the girls played with some of the dancers. We were in the warthog section, by the way.

After the show, we were ushered backstage for a meeting and photo op with the cast. (EEEEE) (On a geeky photographer side note, this place has been the single best spot to take photos ever on Disney property. The lighting, textures of the background and costumes, and colors were spectacular).

Partway through the meeting, Timon came out!! What a wonderful surprise. D did not hesitate to dive in for a hug. Or to go back for seconds. Can't blame her, Timon's hard to get time with at the parks these days.

Daphne was also just as excited when Kibibi joined the party. Almost tackled the girl.

I sense a Kibibi costume may be in our future. Lea and Casey had to go to work and Ian and David wanted to park hop, so the ladies got back into our Poca-wear to go say Wingapo at the boat dock.

Maddie, in character as Meeko, dove straight on the food baskets. She was also quite taken with showing off her tail. The girls were very silly, but Pocahontas was a good sport and seemed to find them as funny as we did.

No idea where that pose came from with my kid. I was ready to call it a day at that point, so we said our goodbyes. It was close to 4 p.m. I asked Daphne if she wanted to have a pizza party. "YESS!!" Ok. I ordered pizza for us. "Mommy! We have to celebrate! We have a party!" Uhh... ok... can we celebrate... Mommy and Daphne pizza night? "YEAAAA!!!"

Sunday morning we met up with a school friend of mine, Katie, and her sister and fiance for brunch at Cask & Larder. Daphne requested the biscuits and, as promised, did not pick them apart. She also dove into the pepper jelly, but only with her finger: she did not want it on her biscuits.

Back at the house, D was a tea party dictator.

On a final note, I will tell you all that Daphne's favorite thing to do at home right now is "princess dress up." This consists of putting on every fluffy skirt and pullover dress she can find with whatever accessories are in arms reach. This particular ensemble also featured an extra pair of Cinderella underwear ON TOP of her jeggings.

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