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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 202 MERRY CHRISTMAS EDITION

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 202 MERRY CHRISTMAS EDITION

Friday Daphne found herself with no Pre-K and I found myself with a work holiday, so what did we do? What do we ever do?

Daphne got to wear her Friendship Faire dress finally (because I finally sat down and finished the headdress). We knew it would be busy, so we arrived at Magic Kingdom with low expectations and a bag full of candy canes to spread some holiday cheer. First stop: Trolley show.

Made our way up main street to grab a good spot for the first daytime Christmas parade of the season.

Sara joined us on her lunch break for a quick pop in to Pecos.  At this point the park was crowded but nowhere near as bad as last year.  We managed to get in and out of Pecos in a pretty reasonable amount of time.  We finally managed to catch the Muppets moments in history presentation in Liberty Square.

Rode Peter Pan with a FastPass.  Got back in front of the castle stage so D could cheer on Friendship Faire from the front row.

Made our way back to Town Square for the second parade.  Had some awesome friends to keep us company.

Daphne started exercising her budding photography skills.

After parade, Daphne and Haley had a Dream Along dance interlude in Tomorrowland.

By some Christmas miracle, I managed to land us 7 Dwarfs Mine Train fastpasses for that day.  D was stoked.

Caught up with some visiting friends from New York and got to meet their gorgeous daughter.  D was, of course, smitten.

We decided to make our way back to the hub with the growing crowds so we could hopefully have a decent spot for the castle lighting and the new christmas castle show.  I told Daphne we'd have some special company, Simone.  "SIMONE! She's my favorite person!"

The hub ended up being too packed for us to get close for the castle lighting, but we managed to wiggle our way up pretty close for Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration.

D loved the show.  I tried to get video of her singing along with Feliz Navidad, but it was too dark. We called it a night, but not before we caught some lovely carolers in the lobby of the Grand Floridian.

Ian's family decided to celebrate the holiday on Christmas Eve this year.  We drove over to Grandpa Bobo's bright and early for lunch. Daphne ate all the food we offered her, including vegetables.  Her favorites were the cocktail wienies. She about ate her weight in those.

We also stopped in to Grandma Ann's.  Daphne insisted she was going to "perform a ballet" for us.

We made our way back to Orlando to fulfill our own little family tradition: Epcot Christmas Eve. We started out at the Boardwalk, and our friend Sara joined us as we explored all the Christmas Decor. 

Boardwalk, Yact and Beach Club are definitely some of our favorites. We used fastpasses to ride D's favorite, Soarin'.

D was moody about getting a group picture.  Of course.

After grabbing a quick bite in Morocco, we decided to make our way out before Illuminations.  D got to watch it on the way out.  She also got a second wind and was insistent on getting her picture taken by the big outdoor tree on the Boardwalk.

Christmas Morning.

This year was all about Moana and Trolls.

With all the family time already done, we decided to do some resort hopping since we hadn't gotten around to it yet this year.  We'd landed some lunch reservations for Whispering Canyon cafe at the Wilderness Lodge, and it was a spectacular day for exploring.

The Wilderness Lodge is absolutely spectacular. My child's mood at lunch?

Was not. I'm willing to chalk it up to being tired since we had two late nights in a row, but it took 3 interventions to get D to come to the table, literally and figuratively. The food was really tasty once we had a chance to eat it.  The cranberry sauce I could eat all by itself.  D decided to sprinkle salt and pepper onto the last of her chocolate cake and eat that. So... yup.

With food in our bellies and an improved attitude, we hopped on the boat to the Magic Kingdom.

Then we took a bus...

And finally got to see the Animal Kingdom Lodge Christmas Tree.

D handed out candy canes to every cast member she saw. 

No school and no work on Monday meant another Daphne/Mommy day.  No disney, though. So I grabbed a couple of her gift cards, and we took a little shopping trip. Grabbed lunch at Chuy's.  D bowled me over when she not only ordered a hamburger, but actually ate it. With gusto.

Then we enjoyed a quiet afternoon of finally showing D Meet Me In Saint Louis

and playing with Tamatoa while humming "Shiny."

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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