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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 135

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 135


This week has been a blur of work and grading and boxes and furniture and moving, but the good news is...

We're home. 

Daphne has, unfortunately, started up another of her bad mood cycles. Just in time to be a complete pain in the tush during the move, of course. She did perk up when I presented her with a bag of new clothes and shoes from her friend, Maddie (just in time, D has moved up to size 8's).

"Daphne, time to go put your shoes away." "NO, mommy! Deez my wooby swippeews!"


I asked her to do a "princess pose." 

Ian and I have been trading off working nights it seems. It makes for bedtime selfies and bath time battles. My amazing husband took the day off work Friday to unpack the pod. By the time I got home he'd already managed 90% of it. Alone. Including a washer and dryer. Bless him. We took a break with kiddo that night to go to "DA FIRE PLACE" (aka Smokey Bones) . Daphne insisted she wanted a cheeseburger. I asked her over and over if she was sure she wanted one (I'd never seen her eat one). She insisted.  The cheeseburger came...

She ate, like, two bites then started picking off the cheese. In her defense, the meat was pretty overcooked, but come on, kid...

Saturday was to be our big "get out of the condo and actually moved into the new place," since the new refrigerator would finally be delivered. We kicked it off with on last B3 stop (I will miss having this place so convenient, my wallet will not). Then we went to the new house and got with the unpacking. D's room was my first major task, then I moved on to my closet. After seeing me set up my own shoe rack, D took it upon herself to move all of her shoes off the shelves I had them on and do her own hanging shoe rack. 


She also REALLY wanted to swim, but...


Florida afternoons. D rather enjoys shopping now, though.


Home Depot aisle dancing.

We're both pretty enamored of this swing. Coming soon, to a giant patio near me... (hopefully)


Our couch and bedroom furniture arrived yesterday. Daphne took it as an opportunity to show off her new Inside Out puzzle book from Daddy. We had to keep dragging her away so the guys could do their job. 

D also came home with HOMEWORK Tuesday, something I didn't figure out until right before bath time. Yeeeesh. 

There you have it, the week that blurred past me. Next week should be more excited, as our friends from the UK (Amy and Liv) will be down for a visit, plus is family coming over to see the new house. Also we'll be going to our first ever MICKEY'S NOT SO SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY Tuesday night!! Daphne's costume just arrived, and I'm ridiculously excited.  

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