Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 119

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 119

3 Day weekends mean something entirely different pre and post kid. Trust me. Holy moly, I'm exhausted.

Of course I set myself up for this. Friday/Saturday was the 24 hour event at Disney. Although we'd initially planned not to go (Ian and I both had work), we somehow talked ourselves into it after all. D took the kid down in the late afternoon. I arrived closer to 9pm, fueled by red bull and eager for rare character sightings (there were TONS the year before). 

Daddy and Peanut enjoyed an afternoon together visiting their favorite pixie...

Watching Dream Along (much to Ian's dismay)...

Seeing Philharmagic (where D has finally mastered keeping the glasses on her head) and Wishes. Finally I joined them just in time for a trip to the Tiki Room (where my husband can sing every word), before a stop in to see the Big Cheese himself.  I don't know why we go so long between visits, it's always so magical. 

Ian and D called it a night. Between the crowds and lines at the monorail, it took them more than an hour to get back to the car. Yikes. 

a rare sight, indeed

a rare sight, indeed

I stuck it out for a few hours, and though I had fun with the friends I met up with, there were ZERO special characters out. BOO. 

We spent Saturday trying to recover from Friday. It started out with my kid coming into my room with something crusty in her hair.  WTF, I know Ian said he wasn't going to bother with her bath when they got home, but this? So I took her back into her room... yup... at some point she yakked all over herself and then went back to sleep and rolled around in it all night. Seriously. Dried and crusted. Ugh. Ughhhhhhhh. The last time we dealt was this was the first time we took her to see Illuminations. Apparently my kid is an overtired-sleep-puker. Great. Awesome. The good news is she showed no signs of ever having been sick as she dove into her breakfast and lunch. She even put on a huge show for us right before bed. Seriously, it went on for more than ten minutes and only stopped, because her bedtime clock turned on and we sent her to sleep.

She made up a song. About Neverland.

And powers.

Most of it I don't understand. Sunday we ran errands while the house was shown. D hollered at me from the backseat. "MOMMY!!" Yes? "MOMMY! TAKE MY PICTURE!"

Five minutes later, for no reason that I can recall.

We went shopping at Kohl's. Ian got to shop first, while I entertained D.

Then Ian got to entertain the kid while I shopped.

This is how I found her. Ian had to work on Monday, but school was closed.  It had not been my initial intension to do Disney on yet another holiday, but I felt like I needed a do-over from Friday. I know. My fix. I'm an addict. We've already discussed this. Plus it keeps the kiddo out of Ian's hair so he can actually get work done. So off we went to MK bright and early, only planning on a few hours before either she turned into a poop or the crowds just got too bad. Likely both.

D continues to astonish me with her ability to turn it around at Disney. The best thing we ever did was show her that if she was a turd, she wouldn't get to go to Disney (slight hyperbole perhaps, but we've noticed a considerable improvement in her overall attitude). While we're there, at the tiniest hint of turdness I need only say "Alright, let's go home then." She snaps right back into shape. Knock knock knock on wood. We arrived for the Welcome Show, but the crowd was huge. Fortunately, we weren't trying to make our way to any "big ticket" items. We took our time strolling back to see some royalty of the non-Norwegian variety. 

D and Rapunzel were hilarious. I'm glad Punzie is a morning person, because the two instantly launched into an extensive round of dancing and twirling before collapsing for cuddles. 

9:05 and the trip has already been 100% worth it. No FastPass until 10, I figured I'd let D call the shots as we exited Fairytale Hall. One guess as to her first pick...

No, I absolutely did not almost fall over on the carousel resulting in the strange shift in the video. Nope. Didn't happen. D opted for Haunted Mansion next. To be more clear, I asked her if she wanted to do Haunted Mansion, she said no, then as we walked by she said "Oh, line is too long..." Nope, kid, there's no line. "OH! WE DO THAT!!" This is pretty much the story of everything with this kid right now: change on a dime. Of course after our trip to "Gooble's House" we had to stop by our favorite Bayou Princess's Gazebo.

There's just something that make my heart swell three sizes every time I watch D with her "Big Sister" Tiana (D says Tiana now, not Ti-nah-nah, just one more sign my Peanut is growing into a little lady right before my eyes). In a repeat of last week, we headed to Enchanted Tales next and, again, we passed the Tremaines. D wanted to stop but their line had already been cut off. 

D got to be Chip. Again. Totally nailed it. By that point I was expecting the crowds to be overtaking the park. They weren't. D wanted to go on Under the Sea. No wait. Then we did the teacups, and I was pretty much undone by the cute. 

At last, Anna & Elsa FastPass time. D started off her time with Anna doing twirls. Anna almost fell over, "I just don't have the grace of my sister!" So instead she taught D the Reindeer Dance. 

So I finally got a chance to ask Elsa what she eats in her ice palace. "Carrots, mostly." Then I asked if she'd installed plumbing. She couldn't stop laughing long enough to form an answer. 

D and I love making the Ice Queen laugh

D and I love making the Ice Queen laugh

Philharmagic. Reaching out for 3-D Flounder. Like a boss. 

I was on a mission to catch Summer Trolley Show for the first time, so we grabbed some lunch and settled down under the train station. We also had an outfit change. D's Gaston dress was a gift from our Disney friend, Bella, and her Mommy. Who we met up with at the train station, but Bella was asleep. We were also joined by our friends Amanda and little Maddie. Maddie calls D "Little Daphne." Maddie shared some of her loot with D while we waited for Trolley.

At last I heard the clang clang clang, the trolley pulled up, the dancers hopped off... and the music STOPPED. CALLED ON ACCOUNT OF RAIN! So sad!! But the Trolley Kids were kind enough to hang out with the kiddos for a few minutes. 

By then it had started to rain in earnest. But we saw a blueberry over by the meeting spot. Sure enough, as long as there's no lightning, Aurora will come out to give hugs. And let little toddler magpies try to steal her jewelry. 

Although my favorite part is D telling Aurora that's her castle. As if the poor girl doesn't know that all she gets is a painted mural while Cindy get's the big house. Maddie and Peter Pan are good buds, so I crossed my fingers we could talk D into it and we headed over toward the Neverland Map. D finally met my friend, Lindsey, who graciously offered to "run around in circles" with the girls while we waited in line.

Line cut off! Gah! Now what? It's raining... hmm... Dole Whips and Tiki Room? I think the best part about that decision was that it had the girls singing "tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki roooom" the rest of the day. At this point it was mid afternoon, and though I certainly hadn't planned it, Festival of Fantasy wasn't that far off. Dream along got cancelled. Maddie's mom made a suggestion, that you'll never hear D or myself object to...

D loves sharing the Tiana joy with others. Honestly I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard at a meet. First, D started taking a lap, stopped, said "I BUMP MY HEAD!" which prompted Tiana to tell Maddie the story about how "Once Upon a Time a little girl named Daphne.." so now D has her own fairy tale. About smashing her face into a pillar. The girls checked out Tiana's jewelry. They all danced. They extensively redecorated the shrubs. It was such a blast, I might have felt bad for the people in line behind us for our extensive visit if I didn't keep hearing laughter and "Awwws" from the crowd. 

Lindsey was kind enough to save us a spot for the parade on Main Street. In the middle of the parade, Alice & the Hatter came over to say Hi to Maddie, and D got her first ever FoF parade hug from Alice!! 

At that point I'd been there at least 3 hours longer than I'd thought I would, so we called it a day.

And there you have it. Another magical week in Peanut Land.  

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