Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 145

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 145

We were pretty excited to attend our first ever Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, especially with friends. Unfortunately, the world decided to rain on our parade. Literally.

D was really into that umbrella

D was really into that umbrella

Once we got our hands on our wristbands we made a beeline for Sandy Claws' line (he meets early for the parties).  D was pretty excited to put on her outfit and start handing out the candy canes and christmas ornaments she'd helped decorate.

I wasn't sure if D would be shy since Sally wasn't there and Jack was quite... boisterous. No worries, though...

Checklist item number one complete and still time before the party officially started, we headed back to Town Square to visit our favorite pixie. The girls entertained themselves in line, per usual.

Always bedlam with these two. Amanda and I made predictions: D would go straight for the crayon, while Maddie went straight for the broken bead tucked into the bookshelf. We weren't wrong.

It's a good thing Tink is such a good sport, because our kids are a barrel full of monkeys.

The party was due to formally start in around 30 minutes so we made our way back to Fantasyland to get in line at Princess Fairytale Hall (the princes meet with their respective princesses at the parties!). This would be a true test for D and her newfound acceptance of male face characters; just a few short weeks ago she'd wanted NOTHING to do with Prince Charming! D swore she wanted to meet Flynn & Charming, though, so in we went. 


D went straight to Flynn with the gifts! They even had some private chats while Maddie talked with Rapunzel. I never know these days what I'm going to get when I ask D to do a "princess pose." That night she threw me this little over-the-shoulder number.

Hugs were passed around and we headed over for the true test of D's bravery: Prince Charming. True, she didn't go for him right away like with Flynn, but when we started trying to get the girls wrangled for a picture...

No problems.

At some point we realized Daphne was doing her Tremaine pose. With the Charmings. Unprompted. HAAAAA. Lady T would be so proud.

Here's the full video of the FairyTale Hall adventures, and video proof of my child happily hugging male face characters. Huge shout out to Amanda for grabbing most of these videos that night while I was taking stills.

It was still sort of drizzling outside (BOOO), but we headed to Town Square to grab some food and a spot for the Christmas Parade. D started invited cast members over to visit her "picnic" while we waited.

After REPEATED rain delays the parade finally arrived. On the one hand, because of the rain, there were fewer characters and floats (no princes on floats) and no choreography for the dancers, BUT the positive side of this was that, with no choreography, the characters were free to just wander up and down the streets greeting the guests. D had no complaints. She started out with love from Pluto, then Donald and Daisy, then Wendy came. Damp, we may have been, but it was a pretty great time.

Hoping that the rain had driven away some of the crowds, we headed back toward Fantasyland hoping to find a reasonable line for Prince Phillip & Snow Prince. No dice. Huge line. BUT we did get to watch Holiday Wishes fireworks from Fantasyland for the first time. You are literally surrounded by the fireworks that seem to be going off right on top of you. D didn't cover her ears, either.

behold below the fireworks: epic lines for princes and dwarves

behold below the fireworks: epic lines for princes and dwarves

We gave up any additional meets at that point due to the crowds. The girls, however, were more than happy to go on a few rides with almost no waits.

The girls wanted to do the teacups. Ian is the only one who likes to spin, so Amanda and I enjoyed a nice, low-key tea cup while the girls giggled like little loons with Ian.

D aka No-Nap-Magillicutty was pretty out of it by then. Although she adamantly declared she was NOT tired and did NOT want to leave the party...

Didn't even make it to the monorail! BTW- see that super cute lapel pin? A gift from Ashlyn when we ran into her working on Main Street. Isn't that sweet? D was so proud of it.

Due to hosting Ian's family for our first Thanksgiving and in our new home, we decided to be responsible people and not do Disney until the house was prepped. Didn't stop us from going to breakfast, though.

We took a break from house tidying that afternoon to attend a birthday party for my coworker's son. D loved the bounce house.

And won the award for messiest doughnut eater. 

Sunday the house was good to go, so we decided to try to go catch the Osborn Lights in their final year at Hollywood Studios. Checked the forecast, packed our bags, and planned to meet Maddie just in time to catch a Characterpalooza.

It started raining on the way down. I was livid. I CHECKED THE FORECAST. ZERO CHANCE OF RAIN. I'd removed all the rain gear from our bags. UGH. What made matters worse was they cancelled the Characterpalooza due to the rain, too. This is typical of our luck with Hollywood Studios visits (i.e. we don't have any). Amanda suggested we take the girls in to see Jake. D's always up for a trip to see her boyfriend.

After the disappointment of the weather, we left that meet feeling about a million times better. All that cute had been worth the trip. 

Our Disney Ohana

Our Disney Ohana

Maddie somehow talked Daphne into going to visit Mike & Sulley for the first time ever. We headed back that way through Pixar Place. That's when we had some unexpected magic. The Green Army Men from Toy Story wander around back there, and one took a shine to the girls. 

Maddie took a moment to warm to him, but then he grabbed the girls by the hands and started marching up and down the street with them, showing them how to play hide and seek with them behind trees, and so on. Total. Character. Monopoly. He even took them over to chat with some friends...

Yup! There's our Meg, blueberrying for Buzz and Woody! Please pardon my continuous giggling, because this was about the cutest thing ever.

Ok, maybe the Army Man teaching the girls to play hide and seek with leaves is the cutest thing ever. I can't decide.  The girls said their goodbyes and we wandered over toward Mike & Sulley. HOLY EPIC LINE, BATMAN! Santa Goofy, however, was right next door with a far more reasonable  wait. Decision made.

Our friend Chris went on his lunch break and joined us for the merriment.

We also ran into Haley and Kelsey and headed over to Muppets 3D to kill some time before the Osborn Lights kicked off. When we got to the lights? THE CROWDS. You'd have thought the wet weather would have kept people away. NOPE. 

When we took D to see the lights last year she was pretty not into it (too loud she says), but this year she had a ball pointing out all the special hidden characters in the display and dancing around with Maddie. We eventually found our way out of the sea of people and headed to catch the first Fantasmic show. We grabbed front row seats and the girls had no problem stealing Haley & Kelsey's phones to entertain themselves while we waited.

Daphne loved the show even more than I remembered.

She'd been asking to go on the Mary Poppins Ride (great movie ride) the whole night, so we agreed to go check out the line after Fantastic ended. We finally made it out of the theater, only to find WALL TO WALL PEOPLE on Sunset. The line to get into the second Fantasmic show stretched all the way back to the main drag. WHOA. And a 40 minute wait for Great Movie Ride. Yikes. We gave the girls the consolation prize of a quick trip in to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Finally we called it a night (it was a Sunday, after all). The girls were very reluctant to be separated.

We went to our separate cars (a row away from one another). "Happy Thanksgiving!" I shouted. Daphne: "HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I BRING YOU TURKEY!!!!"



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