Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 143

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 143

We've had a very busy week in Peanut land. The first major development, which I didn't want to jinx last week since it was so new: we've been working on overnight potty training. Ever since D saw that her friend, Maddie, had a big bed, D's been after one. So I told her only big girls who don't wear diapers at night can have big girl beds. We've kept putting this off, what with all the upheaval and moving and such. D said she was ready. We took the diaper off, I explained she'd have to get out of bed to go potty and we'd leave the light on in the bathroom. I braced myself for middle of the night wet child wake-ups. The first night... no wake up. I go into her room. Dry as a bone. "D, do you need to go potty?" "I already did all by myseff." Oh... wow. Ok. The next morning D comes into my room. She's wet. Like, soaked. Her arms AND legs. But... it's cold... what... wait what is she carrying? D has found the giant jug of hand sanitizer and has COVERED HER LIMBS in freezing cold hand sanitizer. "MOMMY I ALL CLEAN!" Her underwear, however, is dry. So far (jinx jinx jinx) D has been a total master of not wearing her diaper at night. Just goes to show, the stuff I'm the most worried about with my kid tends to be the stuff she tackles the best. 

Friday evening, based on D's recent success with doing the Halloween parties, we decided to try our hand at tackling an evening trip to Disney. D's friend, Maddie, would be there, and D could see the castle lit up for the holidays for the first time this year. We got to the parks a little before sunset, and D ran into her buddy, Ashlyn, working on Main Street.

We caught the end of Move It Shake It. D was REALLY in the mood to dance. 

My kid. Shot out of a canon. We met up with Maddie, Amanda, Meg, and new friend Lea in the hub and made our way up to the castle to watch Dream Along and grab some real estate for Celebrate the Magic, Wishes, and the Main Street Electrical parade (all happen pretty much back to back once the sun sets with the time change, which is AWESOME). Sometimes Daphne thinks the shows are too loud. Maddie helped her out.

Brooke and Kelsey came to hang out before parade, too. 

Daphne declared she wanted to go see Tiana. I warned her Naveen would be there, she said she wanted to meet him, too. Hmm... we'll see. Their line was cut off, so we headed over to haunted mansion. Ran into Junie as we headed into the lobby. D rode with Kelsey, and Ian and I got to experience the novelty of riding Haunted Mansion without a kid. 

Making funny faces with Brooke 

Making funny faces with Brooke 

We headed back to Tiana and Naveen's spot to wait for them to return. Welcome to Daphne and Maddie's beauty parlor, Kelsey & Brooke. What instrument of hair torture would you like to get stuck in your coiffure today?

I was definitely nervous, waiting for Tiana and Naveen to arrive. For many reasons, not the least of them being D's history with male face characters. D, indeed, approached them a little reservedly, but pretty much knocked my socks off by the end. You can hear all my feels in the unintended narration of this video.

Yup. Hugs for Naveen. I about died. When we said goodbye, Ian and I had every intention of going home. D did not want to go home. They were already roping off the street for Electrical Parade. Screw it, I guess we'll stay. Tiana and Naveen were all alone, Maddie pulled D back into their spot. Private time with these two? Hilarious. First they walked all around the "restaurant" while Tiana quizzed the girls on the occupants of all the pictures (D got a few assists from Naveen). 

Then the girls got dancing lessons. I cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard. Note D's complete lack of participation and judgmental staring. 

After the parade we finally headed out. Ian and I are now big fans of Friday Night disney. Very low crowds, so many great friends. D was asleep before we hit the interstate, but Ian and I couldn't get over what an awesome night we'd had and how lucky we feel to have all these great people in our lives. Thanks, Disney.

Saturday we had a visit from Aunt Shelley, Aria, and Grandma Ann. Aria showed Daphne how to make a couch fort.

They're under there, I swear

They're under there, I swear

We had lunch and took a few pictures out in the yard. This photo pretty much perfectly sums of the dynamic between Aria and Daphne.

Ian was making a trip to Tampa Sunday, so I'd been talking to Amanda about if we could get the girls together. The forecast called for rain ALL DAY, so we'd planned to go grab some lunch and see a movie together. I woke up Sunday to a text from Amanda. "FORECAST IS CLEAR UNTIL AFTER LUNCH TIME." Oh... lordy... well... here we go again. Back to Magic Kingdom! Daphne picked out one of her favorite dresses and got into character very early.

We walked up main street through the shops for the A/C (november? Florida has never heard of it). As we walked through Casey's corner (the hot dog restaurant), D had some commentary. "Mommy! Da store is empty!" Uh huh. "Nobody shopping!" Yeah.. "HOW RUUUUDE!" Wait.. what?? Simmer down, kid. Where do you want to go first? Duh.


Are y'all sick of pics of my kid with Tiana yet? Too bad.

Trip on the carousel, still working that pose. Did some shopping.

D got her first ever pixie dusting at castle couture. 

Our next stop was to visit the family that is a must-stop for D, she absolutely loves these girls. So do I, frankly. 

We had fastpass for Enchanted Tales. D, as always, had as much fun with the library attendants as with the princess herself.

Daphne calls it her "butt flouf."

Headed to Town Square and ran into our buddy, Meg, working photopass.

Finally got to see Jolly Trolley for the first time EVER. D's favorite girls were there, too.

After some obligatory twirls, D dragged the girls over to the "throne" (shoeshine chair). Then there were very serious chats about... I don't even know. There was some singing of the Bing Bong song, talk of castles and thrones, wardrobe, holiday outfits, and so on. 

Impromptu photo shoot with Meg. Where do these poses come from??

We headed up to the hub to play with Bella, Ashlyn, and friends and some bubbles. 

I got asked to take a couple of group pictures. I was just wrapping up when I hear Bella's mom, "Uhhh, Emily! Get over here!" Wait... what?? Oh... oh no. Daphne is looking up at me pathetically with chunks of mutilated apple dripping down her chin, onto her dress, on the hub grass, on Ashlyn's legs (whose lap she'd been sitting in). Aww, peanut, what happened? "Mommy!! Mommy I sick!! *sniffle* I go to doctor!!" Aww geez. I tell you what, though, if you want to see true friends in action: Jeanna, Greg, Ashlyn and I formed team clean up. While I worked on getting D into clean clothes and wiped down, Jeanna and Greg CLEANED MY DAUGHTER'S PUKE OUT OF THE HUB GRASS. I'M NOT KIDDING. I'm ready to nominate them both for sainthood. There was nothing to be done for D's shoes, nor did I have replacements. Ashlyn scooped D up and trotted down main street to get her some replacement flip flops and a plastic baggy for the yuck clothes while I continued with the clean up. When Ashlyn and D returned, I was packed up, ready to call it a day. "Mommy! Mommy my tummy feel all better!!" Uhh... kid... dude... you just yacked...I thought you wanted to go to the doctor? "NOOO I FEEL ALL BETTER!" She proceeded to demonstrate this by running happily in circles around the hub and playing as if nothing at all had happened. I just... wait, what?? I waffled. Kid, really, we should go. "Mommy please noooooo I want to stay with my friends please??" No fever. No other symptoms. Ok.. we'll stay for the parade, but if you start looking funky again we are out of here so fast, ok? But she didn't. The rest of the day, you'd have thought it never happened. I was an anxious wreck, terrified she'd suddenly puke on another friend or cast mate, but D was fine. I suppose it was a combination of the heat and who knows what else. I asked her over and over if she was feeling ok, and she kept looking at me like I was nuts.

Had to go back and see the Tremaines with the squad, of course. Waiting in line isn't so bad when you get to play with friends. The Tremaines were just perfect. Again. The return of the beauty parlor, pose coaching, kitty cat talk, and awkward Lady Tremaine hugs. The best.


We watched FoF in Town Square with Lea and new friend Chris, as well as Maddie and more new friends from Instagram. 

Ran into Mimi and the girls took turns having Mimi rides. 


Caught a castle show (three, actually, over the course of the day). When D first hears the opening notes, she flips her lid now.

These Two <3

These Two <3

Then D said the one thing that could have kept me at the park. "Mommy! I go meet Peter Pan!" Wait... what?? Really? Well now we have to, don't we?

Waiting for Pan the girls danced together. The cuteness in these moments just rips my heart in half. Gah. Pan came out. The girls were up first. Maddie's an old hat with Pan, but D? Well, you wouldn't have guessed this was her first time happily marching up to have a conversation with him. 

Ian was on his way to meet up with us. Chris asked if we'd like to go meet the Beast in his castle. Whaaaa? D has never been inside Be Our Guest. So in we went.

If this isn't proof that the kiddo has turned a corner I don't know what is. Beast is HUGE and very intimidating, and she ran right up and hugged him. Of course, once she saw Maddie hesitate, D refused to go back up to him after the first hug, but she didn't hide or anything.  How sweet of our friends to make this happen for the girls! D was in awe of the restaurant and kept asking if we could stay to eat. Not this time, kiddo. Soon. Our escort asked if we'd like to go see Belle in the library, too. At this point? Why not?! We were thrilled to see one of our favorite librarians, Shaina, waiting for us. D got to play Maurice for the first time!

After the show was over I started to grab my things to leave. "Stay," say our friends. Wait... what? What now? Everybody except our group filed out of the library, then Belle came back in to give the girls some private meeting time. I know this video is long, but it is hilarious and worth it. From Maddie asking Belle why she came back, to Daphne shushing everybody because "Lumiere is sleeping" and hiding in the curtains, priceless memories right here. Thanks for the video, Amanda!

Finally we called it a night. A day. All of the above. It was the longest day we've ever had at Disney and, other than our (ugh) brief Code V, D was a champ through it all. 

Do we have awesome friends or what? Hot dog. 


The Weekly Peanut, Issue 144

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 144

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 142

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 142