Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 47

 "I love you, Mommy."

Ok, honestly, it sounds closer to "ahlalaloo, mahmeee" but, hot damn, I will TAKE IT.  

Climbing the Ladybug

We had huge plans for New Year's Day to finally take a family trip out to the Brevard Zoo.  But it just kept RAINING. So we ended up driving around in circles until we wound up at the Altamonte Mall again.  I do love that playground.  Ian and I noted this time that, while the boys are crazier, they are way more conscious of little ones and careful.  The girls? D got clotheslined about 3 times and each time was by a girl.  And the girls NEVER stop when they run into her to see if she's ok (the boys do!).  Daphne was bound and determined to climb everything, though.  A lot of the bigger kids also were jumping off of everything, and she got a crafty look in her eye but we weren't having any of that, no thank you. 

Serving FISH

The weekend was an animal extravaganza to make up for the zoo fail.  We hit a bunch of animal rescues on Saturday.  Animal Control was SO LOUD, Daphne did not help by trying to match pitch with the wailing dogs.  PetSMart was a blast, although she was much more taken with the FISHIES than the dogs.


WE SURVIVED OUR FIRST DISNEY SEASONAL PASS BLACKOUT DATES! So of course, the first day they were valid again (Sunday) we rushed down to Animal Kingdom.

We had a very successful pacifier free ride down to the park.  [As we continue our pursuit of a pacifier free life (the only places she still gets it is in the car and in her crib), we've been pushing no more car paci.  In exchange for her not being a jerk in the car, we must either provide her with a kindle loaded with Yo Gabba Gabba, books, lots of buckles to play with or... conversation.  When I picked D up from school Tuesday, I spent the entire drive home catching her up on Downton Abbey's first 4 episodes of this season.]

Our first stop was the Safari.  We weren't sure what it would be like, earlier in the day and with cooler weather, but we saw animals we usually don't get to see! The lions and cheetahs were even out! Daphne thought it was super cool.  Our tour guide/truck driver's name was Goose.  Ian and I gave each other the side-eye and (since we were in the front row) I told the driver I felt like that was not the most promising choice of name for a person piloting a vehicle.  I told him he should switch it to Maverick.  He chuckled, but didn't seem to get it.  Especially when, for the last 30 seconds of the ride, Ian and I broke out into a rousing rendition of "YOU'VE LOST THAT LOOOOOOVING FEEEEEEELING." Nope, I'd say he didn't get it at all.  In completely unrelated news, Ian and I felt very old after our safari.

We love the animal trails, especially the one in Africa.  D seemed a little tired/cranky... until we got to the  FISHIES.  Then she lost her damn mind.  She keptrunning back and forth in front of the window, giggling like crazy until she managed to bump her head on the wall.  Grace. She also would greet any other kids that came up to look at the fish then point out the fishies and tell them ALLL about the fish.  Or the hippos.  Who can tell what that kid is saying. 

So why did we restart our Disney Adventures with Animal Kingdom? Because one of our favorite shows, the Festival of the Lion King, is about to start a long hiatus.  Although she didn't boogie down like last time, she still seemed pretty enthralled.  

D continues to rapidly add to her vocabulary.  In addition to ALLOFTHEANIMALSOUNDS (she growls for most of them, but whatever), she is trying to say just about everything that we do.  Her favorite phrase right now is "NO, Mommy" or, my favorite "No, Mommydada" (when she just can't make up her mind which one of us is doing something to offend her.  Daphne, do you want milk? "NOOOOOO, MOMMEEEEEE!"  YEESH.  

Speaking of milk, no more bottles.  She's been doing sippies for a while, but I found myself being lazy about switching off of bottles at home, because she actually focuses on downing the milk in a timely fashion (with sippies she wanders around and likes to throw them).  Daphne is PISSED about this, although she's starting to get over it.  It goes something like this: Daphne, would you like some milk? "MUHHHHHHHHHHLK!!" I hand her the sippy cup and she gets OFFENDED and starts screaming at me "NO MOMMY NOOOOOOOOO."  Tonight, both times I offered her a sippy of milk, I first had to drink from it myself and say MMMM YUMM before she would deign to take it from my hands and do anything other than chuck it across the room.  DIVA. 

So why the switch? Simple.  I read somewhere that bottles are a no-no after 18 months and on Saturday

DAPHNE TURNED 18 MONTHS OLD! "No autographs, please."  She managed to keep those shades on for a whole 30 seconds before yanking them off, so I asked her to wave for a picture.  In honor of turning 18 months old, Daphne chose to outgrow all of her current shoes.  She proved this to me by SCREAMING at every pair I tried to put on her feet, until we came to the one pair of 4.5 size.  Drama, much?

You might recall that Daphne has in the past displayed her share of unusual crib behavior.  Tuesday morning she added a new one.  When I entered in her room and started singing the good morning song (like always) I was greeted by a very strange sight.  Daphne was sitting up in the corner of her bed with her blanket completely covering her body.  It looked a lot like that scene from The Others...

minus the creepy marionette, plus Daphne giggling like a loon at her masterful deception.  

Silly Peanut. 


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