Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.



What is it about a 4-day weekend after having a kid that, as soon as it's over, you feel like you need a vacation?


No? Just me?

We managed to get an early start on the drive to Tampa (not technically Tampa, but it's easier to say it is than explain where we were actually going), D managed to get in a nice 30 minute early nap (especially convenient since we got stuck behind some goobers doing 35 on 50, ughhhh). We started off our day at Grandpa Bobo's (who's been giving us grief that we haven't seen his house in a while, which has been undergoing many improvements).  Daphne got to meet a chicken and some calves, as well as take a tractor ride and explore the new treehouse.

Our stop for the official Thanksgiving meal was Aunt Vietta's (a very short drive from Bobo's).  D chowed down, but her favorite seemed to be the squash casserole.  She got to play with her cousins, attempt to "blow" bubbles (more like gum them, soap's a food group, right?)

Right around the time you would expect it (around 3pm) D was ready to go home i.e. crash hard in the car seat.  We got home pretty late, but we had to make one last stop to drop off some cookie dough cupcakes with our friends.  So excited that Audrey is walking! Play dates are about to go next level!


Ian had to work Friday, so D and I kicked off a mommy-daughter day by checking out a playground over on Howell Branch.  Although definitely not geared towards kids as small as D, she managed to have a ball. She managed to get all the way to the top of the largest tower and immediately tried to "slide" down the very steep rock climbing wall.  CONSTANT. VIGILANCE. 

Took D to One Upon A Child and Best Buy for some Black Friday shopping. Grandma Kadi came to stay with Daphne so Ian and I could have a date night.  We ended up at Magic Kingdom (open until 1am that night!) for the fireworks and SPACE MOUNTAIN which I'm overjoyed to say lived up to my 8-year-old memories.  Ian and I were bombarded with families with their little kids, watching fireworks and light parades, none of which even got started until well after 9pm.  Who are these kids? Out and about late at night? Pleasantly sleeping in their strollers? Why can't we do this with D?


Saturday morning Daphne got to take one of her new OUAC outfits out for a test drive for breakfast at Patsio's.  My mother also introduced Daphne to rice cakes, which she LOVES.  They are like baby rawhides: they keep her busy for FOREVER.  

Saturday afternoon/evening Daphne's cousins were planning to go to Sea World's Christmas celebration.  All that "why can't we?" talk at Disney Friday night led us to experiment with D at Sea World.  We got to the park around 5, and D had a great time watching the Seamore & Clyde Holiday show.  We grabbed some dinner and by the time we were done it was dark out, and we could go explore the lights.  Sea World had light trees all over their lagoon and a walk through of Christmas Decor where they'd previously set up for the Halloween Spooktacular.  Approaching the time D would normally be getting ready for bed, her mood was... fragile.  She did like the trees  She especially had fun chasing her cousins around some lit trees near one of the pathways.  Before I knew it, I checked my phone and it was close to 8 p.m. "Ok, peanut, time to head home." "Noooooooooooo!" (she's definitely mastered "no") She runs away, I grab her arm, cue meltdown... most of the way back to the car..,  Doesn't look like D will be ready to enjoy nighttime Christmas light shows at Magic Kingdom this year :-/

By Sunday morning I had Christmas fever: it was time to decorate our home. Ian got the tree and decorations down out of the attic and I got the tree up and decorated before D even got out of bed.  At first Daphne was quite taken with the tree, walking around, looking at all the ornaments...


Adorable, right? Then... I suppose she didn't like my decorating choices.  Every ornament within her reach was promptly removed and dumped into my husband's lap.  So now, my poor tree is woefully naked from about 4 feet down.  Poor, naked tree.  It reminds me of when my dad had the Gordon Setter, Tim, that would eat glass Christmas ornaments.  

Since it had been so long, we trekked up to Sweet Tomatoes (Altamonte this time) for breakfast. D ate pizza and biscuits dipped in soup (well-rounded, I know).  She also was at her silliest.  Have I mentioned yet that Daphne now has clear and ridiculous (read: DRUNK) reactions to sugar? Within about 2 minutes of ingesting some cinnamon biscuits, I got this:

I'm not sure why, but we decided to wander over to Altamonte Mall after breakfast.  It wasn't too crowded, although the "sales" were nothing to be impressed by (I am spoiled by internet shopping), we did discover a super fun indoor playground! It was more than a little chaotic (what do these parents do, pour pixie stix down their kids' throats and turn them loose in there?), but despite being one of the tiniest kids in there, D held her own.  I was also really impressed with most of the other children in that, although they were rowdy and crazy, they all seemed very aware of Daphne and pretty cautious around her.  A boy would come barrelling up the tree where Daphne was tentatively standing, thinking about whether to go down the slide or not, and the boy would put on the brakes and patiently wait for her to clear the space (ie, for me to walk over and tell Daphne to shit or get off the pot. Not in those words).  Ian and I also got a hint of our future: Daphne seduced her first male.  I'm not kidding.  There was an ADORABLE little boy who had to be around 4 (with dimples FOR DAYS) that sort of "ran into" her on the tree slide.  From that moment on he played close to her, watching out for her when she was climbing.  He even chased her around and tickled her.  Daphne, for her part, acted indifferent to his affections.  Already has 'em eating out of the palm of her hand.  Lord Jesus, help me, it has started already. 


This kid gets more interactive by the day.  She is trying to say almost everything that we say now (note to self: implement swear jar post haste).  She has started saying "Kesha" at school (the name of the woman who runs the 1 year old room).  When she's looking for something but can't find it, she'll raise her hands, palm out, to her sides and make questioning sounds.  For example in the mornings I will get Daphne dressed then give her some milk to walk around with while Ian gets dressed.  This morning, D wandered into the living room, raised her arms and said, "Where Dada?" ".... Dada's getting ready for work in the bedroom, Peanut [I point]" .....tears tush to the bedroom where I hear her triumphant "DADADADADADAAAAAAAA!" when she finds Ian. The cuteness... I swear...

In unrelated news our dog, Fiona (whom Daphne has renamed "Mimi"), is being nominated for sainthood.

And then Daphne pooped in the bathtub Tuesday night.  Yay, parenting!



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