Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 43

My little girl's been on the outside for 17 months now! How did that happen?

D is into everything.  Especially running! Although, I call it scampering.  It seems like overnight she's developed some amazing added balance and dexterity.  She's going up and down stairs unaided, and half the time without grabbing on to anything.  CRAZY. Of course this added speed leads to the inevitable...



Ian and I decided to have a Saturday Disney day. Based on the advice of my new favorite site (thanks, Jacki) EASYWDW, we decided to start our day at Epcot.  Since our last several days were during F&W, the low-key crowds were a welcome change.  We started out by walking on to Spaceship Earth (have I mentioned before Ian and I are obsessed with this ride? And making stupid faces for the camera?).  This was the first time Daphne was aware of the Epcot globe, and walking under it she was quite awed.


I was so stoked to get D's face onto the animation on SE, but for whatever reason the picture got screwed up and my head didn't show up! Boooo.


Come on, Disney, WTF is that??


D didn't seem to mind, though. She wanted to push all the buttons during the questionnaire, then she kept poking it for the duration of the video.  Actually, she tried to swype a lot (she's learned from our cell phones).  


It was (of course) the hottest day we'd had in ages; we have the worst luck with weather at Epcot.  We wandered over to the land/sea area and opted to do Living with the Land (since we did the seas on our last visit).  Daphne started getting a little impatient when there was a back up of boats to unload, and was squirming/standing on Ian's lap.  We got yelled at by a Disney worker! More accurately, we were maniacally smiled at and chastised, told to make sure our child was sitting.  Uhm... Seriously, psycho Disney worker? Have you met a toddler before? I feel fortunate that she's not hanging over the side of the boat trying to swim right now...


Since she was showing signs of needing a nap/cranky time kind of early, we loaded her into the stroller and decided to take a lap of the World Showcase in the hoped that she would conk out.  

Yeah, right.

It was close to 1 by the time we had made our first lap, so we decided to try to get in to one of our favorite restaurants, the San Angel in Mexico.  We were told a 10 minute wait, it took then under 2 to seat us. BAM!  Daphne was given the world's narrowest high chair (she is tiny and I felt like I needed a shoehorn to get her in and out of it) with a kid's menu and a GREEN CRAYON.  I don't even think I had her in the chair before she'd picked it up and started scribbling.  Took my eyes off her for all of 10 seconds while I skimmed the menu, when I looked back over she'd managed to scribble ALL OVER THE TABLE CLOTH.  D'oh.  I spent the rest of lunch trying to keep the scribble covered with the place mat. 


D was definitely in full crankypants mode by the time lunch was done, so we hoofed it back to the car.  She was asleep almost before I managed to get her buckled into the car seat.  Ian and I debated going home or driving around until she could get some sleep in, then trying for another park.  We decided to live dangerously and drive around some of the resorts.  I was expecting drama at all the security checkpoints (they have security guards that check every car before it can enter a resort!), but when we told the guards that we had a sleeping kid in the backseat that we were trying to give a chance to nap, they all waves us through with big grins like the "horse of a different color" guy from Wizard of Oz. We checked out the Animal Kingdom Lodge (gorgeous! amazing!) and the Coronado (beautiful grounds, tacky buildings).  Around that time, the dragon began to stir so we decided to push our luck and try out Animal Kingdom (our first 2 park day!).


There was a 3pm showing of Finding Nemo: the Musical which had been on my to-do list forever.  We had pretty nice seats, and while we waited for the show to start D kept pointing at the fish in the bubbles and squealing.  As for the show? AH MAH GAHHHHH.  I looooooooved it. The puppets were absolutely incredible.  D seemed to like it, too.  ESPECIALLY the turtles. 

Sunday we took a trip to Grandpa Bobo's for Aria's 3rd birthday party.  D got to try her skills at another bounce house.  She would balance herself on one of the raised rows inside, then scamper (yup, scampering) as quickly as she could across it, trying to reach the other side without falling, giggling all the way.  D got to spend time with family, as well as making new friends.  I'm pretty sure D's great-aunt Vietta told me at least 3 times how FUNNY my kid is (she really is a trip, and cracks herself up all the time).  I also got a special treat: I held a 10 week old baby while her Mom ate lunch.  It really is like riding a bike, I don't think I'd had her in my arms more than 10 seconds before I'd started the baby rock/bounce/sway.  I haven't lost my touch! That kid was asleep in less than 15 minutes! BOOYAH! She was so soft and snuggly and adorable, slurping on her little hand.  My ovaries were definitely aching! We'd planned to leave around 1:30 but ended up staying until after 4.  D was a CHAMP, rubbing her eyes but not being turdy at all even at the end.  Of course she crashed HARD on the way home.  

I have to give a shout-out to my day care: they bring a photographer and a GREAT Santa in every year for the obligatory Christmas on Santa's lap photo-op.  No standing in line at the mall for an hour plus.  D gets to do her Santa picture on Wednesday, and I'm super excited to break out the ridiculous outfit I bought for her at OUAC. 




The Weekly Peanut, Issue 44

Body Mod: My Living Canvas

Body Mod: My Living Canvas