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ProjectTY_WDW February 2015

ProjectTY_WDW February 2015

Project Thank You marches on! I still carry the prints with me just in case I run into familiar faces, but we also decided to hand out special Valentines for the holiday.

Of course we had to make sure D's boyfriend got his Valentine, so we visited him the weekend before. 

Our big plans for the day itself were almost derailed by the insane holiday weekend crowds, in the end one of our special friends and some serious hustling over to Hollywood Studios saved the day. 

Without totally rehashing the story from TWP, D got to have a special private meeting with some Disney friends and handed out Valentines to all of them. Forgive the lack of pictures, it was pitch black and there's only so much an IPhone can handle. 

We took one last (admittedly belated) stab at handing out Valentines the weekend after the holiday. Tiana, of course, had to receive the Valentine graced with her visage. Tiana is a Goddess. She calls my daughter by name and has me convinced she is as excited to see my daughter as my daughter is to see her. It's cast members like this that lead me to renew our passes every year and consider Disney part of our extended family. 

We also gave a Valentine to Ariel. Ariel was confused at first and thought we wanted her to sign it. Silly Fish. 

We wrapped up February with a special gift for Mulan. Over the course of almost a year, Mulan's shared several special visits with our Peanut. I made her a photo collage to commemorate those visits and we took it to her on a rainy day at Epcot.

Project Thank You will continue...

ProjectTY_WDW 1.10.15

ProjectTY_WDW 1.10.15