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Peanut Adventures, Issue 19 (Megacon 2018)

Peanut Adventures, Issue 19 (Megacon 2018)

Going to Megacon with the D has become a bit of a tradition.  Some of our most cherished memories have taken place there, although D doesn't remember much of these trips before last year's. 


This year we were super lucky to have our dear friends from across the big pond, Amy & Liv, in town.  Both girls were super keen to wear their Padme dresses to the big convention. 

We are Sunday con-goers.  It's still relatively crowded (and expensive), but the crowds aren't nearly as bad as Saturday.  Also arriving before the show technically opens is a must; parking is easy and there are no lines to purchase your entry (the box office opens 1 hour before the show floor). 

Ever since we told D she was appearing, D has been HYPE to meet Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, the pink power ranger), it's been all she's talked about.  China McClain from the Descendants was also appearing.  D wanted outfit changes for BOTH.  Yup, 3 costumes (she never ended up changing into her Pink Ranger outfit and only wore her Uma jacket as she's so enamored of that Padme dress).  Last year we went without the stroller and it was fine, this year? Nope. Needed it. The West Concourse is just MASSIVE, and thank heavens Amy brought a stroller for Liv, as D usually ended up in it while Liv was content to be on Ian's shoulders. 

We ran to see China McClain first.  What. A. Gem.

This was D's first time really meeting a celebrity and not a Disney Character in a park... A character who has been trained how to engage and interact with kids... Based on my own interactions with celebrities at conventions, I know it can be... disappointing.  I was nervous.  With China? The trepidation was completely unfounded.  D was on cloud 9.

Next we lined up to meet the pink ranger.  The girls danced while we waited.


Finally we met Kimberly/Amy.  She was sweet enough, but she had a longer line and she didn't take as much time to talk to D. So... a more expected con interaction.

Star Wars and Cosplay had HUGE presences on the main exhibit floor this year.  There were tons of photo backdrops...

Interactive Star Wars displays...



And the girls were a huge hit.  D, as always, loved basking in the attention.  People were very good about asking permission to photograph the girls (my response is always the same: ask them). 


My favorite part of the convention is Artist Alley.  This year we got a handful of new prints (and D even picked out a Toothless print for her hallway, I knew she was coming around to How To Train Your Dragon!).

People watching is always fantastic, too.  D loved calling out her favorite costumes, although there was only one that she asked to take a photo with...


D's favorite store is always Ranger Stop (specializing in Power Rangers).  Imagine our delight when one of the yellow rangers, Aisha, was there in the booth meeting people.

And D picked out just one toy before we left.


Another Megacon in the books, my feet felt like one giant bruise.  Next year there will definitely be a stroller, but we all had a blast. (BTW, D's Fangirl shirt comes from our friends over at How Do You Fangirl Apparel).

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