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Peanut Adventures, Issue 16 (Easter at WDW)

Peanut Adventures, Issue 16 (Easter at WDW)

Ah, I've missed writing about adventures with the Peanut. Feels good to be back.  Especially since I get to to talk about getting to enjoy Easter at Magic Kingdom (AKA survived a Peak day). 

We are nothing if not realistic people in this family.  And, realistically, getting to Magic Kingdom for rope drop when it's at 8 am? Not happening.  Still, we packed everything up the night before so we could leave quickly, and we managed  to get out of the house before 8, so it felt like a win. Until we got to the parks and realized we'd left our hydro flask AND sunscreen at home. AMATEURS. UGH.

We were spoiled last year, when crowd levels as a whole were low.  We'd hoped getting to the park relatively early would mean we could hop on a ride or two without a drastic wait.  9am, D's number one request (Big Thunder Mountain) already had a 40 minute wait. NOPE. But Splash Mountain only had 10 minutes. It wasn't particularly hot, but... screw it. Let's go.

too blessed to be stressed

too blessed to be stressed

We hustled back to the front of the park so D could catch Trolley Show and debut her brand new PINK spring trolley dress. And her new shoes. Her first pair of high heels thanks to Grandma Kadi. She's obsessed, and she is convinced she can tap dance in them.

We ran into some friends who were also dressed up for Trolley. D had a bunny bag full of treat eggs to hand out.


We got to take a group photo with ALL SIX couples (AP's know it's a treat to have a full roster for Trolley show these days).

D was very excited to show off her heels.


And of course, there were twirls...

After sending off our trolley friends, D humored me with a brief photo shoot above the train station. Sort of humored me.

"Mommy! Take a picture of my EYEBALLS!"

When we came back down to pack up our stroller and use some FastPasses, we got a surprise when Chip came over to sneak a quick cuddle and kiss from Daphne on his way backstage.

We started utilizing FastPasses at that point. Rode the Barnstormer.

Ian made the point that it would be smart to get lunch early. Pecos Bill NO LONGER HAS FREE GUACAMOLE ON THE TOPPINGS BAR. EPIC FAIL. $2 FOR A TINY SIDE. BOO. HISS.

Grabbed a spot in Liberty Square to watch the noon Easter preparade and Festival of Fantasy (weee double parades peak weeks).  Our buddies Rob and Andrew came by to watch the parades with us.

I know, the Easter parade is short and barely a thing. But I still love it.


And I love getting to shoot Festival of Fantasy from a new spot.

Daphne had managed to give all of her eggs away during Trolley, so our Easter festivities were pretty much done by that point. As was the Trolley dress, since it was HOT. We did ride Pirates with a FP (and saw the new Redhead scene!), as well as our "it's crowded" favorites like the Tiki Room. Met up with some old friends taking their son on his first Disney trip and introduced them to the magic of the Country Bears.  The weekend went by so quickly, before we knew it the afternoon was sneaking by, and we still needed to figure out dinner. On a school night. So we said our goodbyes and called it a day.

It felt like a very successful Easter.   We all had a blast.  And I'm glad, since this will probably be the last Easter we get to do at MK; rising AP prices have us strongly considering downgrading our passes to have blackout dates.  It's a bit of a bummer, since Easter has brought us some of my favorite Disney memories, but I'm glad we got to send it off on a high note.


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