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Peanut Adventures, Issue 17 (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique)

Peanut Adventures, Issue 17 (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique)

Growing up as a passholder, Daphne sometimes takes for granted the magic in her life.  Getting to call Princess Tiana her big sister, taking a boat ride through the Caribbean, flying on the back of a Banshee? Sure, let's toss the stroller in the trunk and make it happen this weekend.  If she says she wants to do something at the parks, she generally gets to have reasonably instant gratification (ride this, eat that, meet this person, etc.).  Many times, it's been a matter of waiting for D to be old enough/ tall enough, and then Ian and I just plan to make it happen.  Tall enough for mine train? Let's go. But a trip to do a Disney makeover like those at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is an investment, so I opted to wait.  I wanted D to ask for it. 

One day we visited a friend who was working at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique inside Cinderella's Castle.  D got a pile of stickers.  "Mommy I wanna do this." Ok... eventually.  Saw some friends who have gone to visit BBB. "I wanna do that." Visited the BBB at Disney Springs.  "Mommy... I wanna do this..." Sure... eventually.  "No... now." This costs money. You have to plan it.  You have to EARN it. 

So... we made her earn it.  She had to work on things at home for months.  She suffered setbacks.  Eventually... she earned it. I started to plan.



She really wanted to do the BBB at Cinderella's castle, but those are booked MONTHS out (which I pointed out to her), so unless she wanted to wait? The Disney Springs location was it.  Plus, we were able to get the time slot of our choosing just a few days ahead of time (and, as most CM's will tell you who work at Disney Springs, they can often take walk-ins, the castle can NOT). 

I have more motives for wanting to do the Disney Springs location over the Castle location. We have friends who work at Springs.  The Springs location is relatively new (opened in the last year or two I think), and has much more space and rooms and other amenities.  The makeover area is much larger and easier for friends/family to be there to watch. I can't stress this enough: the BBB at Cinderella's Castle is TINY and always JAM packed with people. 

I suppose the only advantage that the castle BBB has is that you're already inside Magic Kingdom, so you can parade around your makeover however you please and go visit princesses, etc.  Daphne was ASKING to go to the castle BBB, but like I said, not an option on short notice.  When I asked her where she wanted to go after her makeover, she said Epcot.  She wanted to do the Bee scavenger hunt, not visit princesses LOL.


I suppose the theme of our day at BBB is that "my kid is so extra, here's the evidence." Exhibit A: D has her own Fairy Godmother in Training uniform (that's what the makeover experts at BBB are, FGIT). 


It was around this time we realized the dress was on backwards. Ooops.

Fixed it

Fixed it

At check in D was offered a "menu" to choose her look from (and which package we would purchase was established, i.e. are we buying a dress or not, we weren't).  After all that's established, a FGIT escorts you back to a private changing room. 


There's an enchanted mirror and you get a special message from the Fairy Godmother herself. 


Once D was in her princess ensemble, we parents were ushered over to the "Fairy Godmother Treasurer" to settle our account (LOL again).  Then we were escorted back to a small waiting area outside the makeover room.  When D's chair was ready, her personal FGIT escorted her back to her spot. 

Daphne's FGIT was Lauren. Two peas in a pod.


Lauren kept us all laughing, despite D's most dedicated attempts to take this experience as SERIOUSLY as possible.

There is a photopass photographer walking around, but unlike at the castle location, there is plenty of room for the parents to move around to get their own pictures.  And videos.

The hair gets done first. D's particular hair package came with a little tiara (complete with hidden Mickey).  Then the nail polish.

Next is makeup.  There's a small package of BBB makeup with a couple of choices of blush,


lip gloss,

and eyeshadows. 


D picked the colors she wanted for each part. Then she got to choose from an assortment of face jewels.


All the unused make up, nail polish, and face jewels (as well as an extra brush, comb, shampoo, and make-up removing wipes) were tucked into a BBB cinch backpack for D to take home (and keep using ALL WEEKEND).  One last coat of pixie dust...

and FGIT Lauren specially adjusted the fit of D's sash with a bow to fit her...


Then it was time for the BIG REVEAL!

Don't get it twisted, she was a little subdued at first.  Then she got a really good look at herself and ALL that pink.

IMG_4739 (1).jpg

Oh yes, D was stoked.




I asked D if she wanted to do a photo shoot with her new look, and she seemed reluctant.  Then she saw that HER MOM would NOT be the photographer.  She was quite eager for her photo shoot then.

We weren't in any sort of rush, and D seemed eager to wander around Disney Springs, casually twirling and displaying her sash.  She stopped at EVERY. MIRROR.

IMG_4827 (1).jpg

The FGIT at our check in had mentioned that there was a photopass studio near the co-op if we wanted more pictures (all of which were included with our Memory Maker that comes with our Annual Pass).  I mentioned it earlier to D, and she wasn't into it.  Now that she'd gotten a good look at her makeover? Oh yes.  Yes, she was quite eager.

There are two "sets" with two separate photopass photographers.  The first has a magic backdrop that can be replaced with whatever you (or the photographer) wants.  I let D and the photographer do whatever they wanted, I wasn't allowed to take photos anyway (based on D's instructions, I don't think it would have mattered to the Cast Members if I'd taken photos or not).

The other set up is a standard photography backdrop complete with props.  This photographer had a blast with D, who was basically a professional poser.

We headed over to Epcot so D could do the scavenger hunt.  We asked her if she wanted to show off her look to any princesses, but she was quite content to bask in the glowing admiration of the other park-goers as she passed.

Later that evening, it only took a few minutes to extract D from her hair contraption.  Everything was reusable (aside from the hairnet), and D loved using the makeup remover wipes and special shampoo to de-hairspray herself The next morning D woke up and proceeded to put on all the same makeup, dress, and face jewels as the day before.  Then she asked me to put the hairdo back in.  Oh, dear....

Final thoughts? $65 is not a drop in the bucket, but considering what you get? For Disney? It's a lot of fun and worth it if your kid is into it.  I don't think I'd do it if I had to buy the dress, too much money, but bringing your own dress and getting the extra goodies to commemorate and potentially extend the fun? Yeah. Worth it.



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