Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

Peanut Adventures, Issue 5

Peanut Adventures, Issue 5

Y'all. It's been a week.  We survived Hurricane Irma.  Our electricity did not.  Monday it wasn't such a problem, with the nice cool breezy day we had.  Tuesday? 95? Nah. Not staying in the house like that, no ma'am.  The parks were back open (they closed for 2 days!), and I was eager to enjoy some NOT crowded time.  D chose Hollywood Studios (you know, the park with the least amount of things you have to wait in line for?), oh well.  The hubby had to work first so D and I started out our day just the two of us.


The March of the First Order was happening just as we arrived.  There was almost no one on the street to watch it, so we did. (BTW, all cell phone pics today, I didn't drag my camera with me). D asked to walk through the stores, and she caught sight of the new Porgs.  Cue puppy dog eyes.  Ahhhh she'd been so good the past couple days... screw it.  I'm such a sucker.

Daphne named HER Sizzy Wizzy. What next, kid? Launch Bay. We watched the Launch Bay movie (in the glorious glorious A/C), marveled at the non-existent lines for characters (but she didn't want to meet anybody).  Went to Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

Went over to Toy Story Mania with a fastpass.

As we were leaving, I noticed this...


So, yeah, we rode it again. Grabbed some lunch at the commissary, then D surprised me and said she wanted to go see Mickey and Minnie.  We have NEVER gotten to visit these two at Red Carpet Dreams, so hooray for something new!

D was all about the cuddles.

I'm obsessed with the set for this location, it's so fab. It was around this time that my friend Chris texted me to let me know that, surprise! The Seventh Sister was still at Jedi Training for a few more days (Saturday was supposed to be her last day).  And that Jedi Training was exceptionally NOT busy.  I asked D if she wanted one more chance to fight the Seventh Sister? She sure did.  Turns out none of the Jedi Trainings were full. NONE. Crazy.  This should tell you just how empty the park was, since these are normally full for the whole day within an hour or two of the park opening.


I am VERY happy to report that we were nosebleed free this time.  It was a hot day, but D FOR ONCE was staying hydrated.  Drinking more water than I've ever seen her drink at the parks. 

And our favorite Jedi was there, too.


Such a treat, getting to do this training one more time with the Sister before she goes away.

And grateful, again, for the incredible cast that takes such good care of these kids and makes this such a fantastic experience.


Daddy had offered Maddie's mom to take Maddie off her hands so she could work on cleaning up her house after the hurricane, so they showed up to join us that afternoon.

Walked onto Star Tours.

You would think after spending almost every minute together since Saturday (we rode out the hurricane together) they'd be sick of each other by now. No dice.

I cannot with this pose. What even?

We wandered back over to Launch Bay at the girls' request.  A special visitor was out! Of course, the girls wanted nothing to do with Boba Fett, but I had to meet him.

My husband has wanted to say that to Boba Fett for decades.  Congratulations, honey. Mission: accomplished.  The girls were basically just playing, running around, and then they noticed some of the CM's had set up a game for the kids: tsum tsum races. 

We got to say hi to Chris on his lunch break.

Maddie really wanted to see the Indiana Jones show, so we made that our last stop.


We headed to Disney Springs for dinner (we were in no hurry to go back to our powerless house, either).  Of course we went to the Polite Pig. Creatures of habit are we.  We'd indoctrinated Maddie into Beat Bugs during the hurricane, so the girls led each other in a rousing round of I Am The Walrus.

The girls had been so awesome all day, we treated them to ice cream at Ghirardelli's.

IMG_2131 (1).jpg

I recognize the strangeness that is my life, when I go to a Disney Park to relax and cool off.

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