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Peanut Adventures, Issue 3

Peanut Adventures, Issue 3

It really was a toss up whether we'd even attempt a park this weekend.  The parks had announced a special rare character meeting in honor of Bambi's 75th Anniversary: Thumper and Miss Bunny at Animal Kingdom.  We decided to make the attempt Sunday. Of course we hadn't counted on it being dreary and rainy.  Teach us not to check the forecast.  Got mouthfuls of rain the whole tram ride to the entrance.

I had planned to be on the first train to Rafiki's Planet Watch to make it into the first set for the buns.  The line had been LONG the day before.  This did not happen.  Still, I held out hope that the rain would keep people away.


No dice.  The plus side? The rain had moved the entire set up indoors, so I got to wait for 90 minutes in the air conditioning.  While I held our spot, D got to explore Rafiki's Planet Watch with Daddy.


They got to watch a goat get a check up.


Several animal encounters were brought out by the staff in honor of the Bambi Anniversary, too.  There was a skunk I called Flower (actually named Dillinger).


And a truly adorable "lion-mane" bunny named Barnabus.


Although she might have been the MOST excited about the new arrivals: a boa we visit every time we go to RPW had given birth that same weekend! And the little babies had taken over the enclosure.  SNAKE BABIES! D was beside herself.


Despite being so tiny and easily hidden in the enclosure, there were a couple that seemed quite willing to hover near the window for D to fawn over.  The approximately 90 minute wait for me was pleasant enough (and seemed a drop in the bucket after last week's Photopass day).  Despite the wait for the bunnies, the rest of the building was not equally inundated.  Hence, D was able to have some quality time with Doc McStuffins.


Multiple quality times, actually.

There was no one else in line, and D built up quite a rapport with her blueberries.  We also ran into our friend, Sam, working photopass.


At last it was our turn to see the bunnies.  D had spent ages the day before PAINTING special art pieces for the bunnies to take home to their bunny burrow, both rainbow themed.

D was just so excited to finally meet these two: we love on them every year at Easter, D even got a Thumper hug a couple of years ago, but this past year the bunnies were up on a float instead of walking which was SUCH a bummer.

D couldn't stop petting them and telling them how soft they were.

Definitely one of the most ADORABLE character meetings we've ever had.

By the time we'd finished, it was most definitely lunch time.  It should come as no surprise where we'd go for food in Animal Kingdom.



D kept asking to go on Flight of Passage.  A tiny (delusional) part of me thought the standby line might have been manageable due to the weather.  Nope.  Our consolation prize was a trip to It's Tough To Be A Bug.

We gave D a choice: ride Dinosaur or hang out on the couches of the Nomad Lounge.  She chose the Nomad Lounge.


It started to rain while we sipped our drinks, so we called it a day.  Even with soggy feet, we had such a nice, relaxing day at Animal Kingdom.  As always DAK is the only park that's ever managed to pull off that "moment of zen" feeling.


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