Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

Peanut Adventures, Issue 1

Peanut Adventures, Issue 1

Our first weekend trip now that school has started turned out to be the park we haven't been to since Flower & Garden ended: Epcot.  I sort of subconsciously avoid Epcot in the summer, since it tends to be pretty brutally hot, and there's a lot of walking outside involved.

D and I have been getting into it almost every weekend this summer over what she should wear to the parks: I suggest practical short halter dresses, she wants elaborate, heavy, dramatic gowns.  This weekend, when she asked if she could wear Moana? I put up ZERO fight.  A cropped halter and a calf-length skirt that would potentially stop her from full-out running? Heck yeah.

We caught up with Amanda and Maddie right away to ride Spaceship Earth. The girls RAN from the exit to Power City. "Mommy! There's no line!" *sigh*

We ran into MaryThayne next.  D got her first real piggyback ride all the way into the world showcase.

The heat was on, and the girls snuck into The Wandering Reindeer in Norway for some air-conditioned hide-and-seek.

We paused in Africa so that Mackenna and her family had time to catch up with us. The girls had a little drum circle with one of the Custodial CMs.

In a fantastic twist of fate, the delay in Africa led to us being around when a very special rare character came out to visit: JANE from Tarzan!

Mackenna was wearing her birthday button.  Jane suggested they should go have a jungle party with gorillas and bananas. Daphne: I DON'T LIKE BANANAS! Me: eyeroll.

Then it was time for a group photo.  Where's my kid? Hiding behind Jane's skirt, of course.

After that fun surprise, we got to go ride Frozen Ever After (which, believe it or not at 11 a.m., only had a 45 minute standby wait).  D "What Frozen ride???" Yeah, safe to say we don't get on this one very often.

We took a stroll over to the France Pavilion for some lunch and ice cream.

MacKenna wanted to go visit with Mary Poppins. 

But first, she introduced D to what is sure to be her newest obsession: the shrub maze around the gazebo in the back of the UK pavilion.

The girls took some refuge from the heat to play "cats" of disney.

Took a ride on Soarin'.

And got hungry Living with the Land.

Bananas continue to haunt our day

Bananas continue to haunt our day

We had somehow dodged getting rained on all day, so after a quick ride on The Seas and goodbyes to our friends, we called it a day.

Hope you enjoyed the new format (it's not all that different from TWP, eh?). Stay tuned for adventures around Central Florida and beyond with Peanut and her friends.


Peanut Adventures, Issue 2

Peanut Adventures, Issue 2