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Peanut Adventures, Issue 10 (MVMCP 2017)

Peanut Adventures, Issue 10 (MVMCP 2017)

Last year I did the whole article about making the most of a trip to a Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (and how you can't possibly do it all), so this year? I'm just going to tell you about what we did.  How the best laid plans went awry. How we still had a blast and FOR ONCE it didn't rain at a party we attended!

I made her hair pieces! Aren't I crafty??

I made her hair pieces! Aren't I crafty??

We started out by grabbing an early dinner at the Polynesian Village Resort (and, OK, maybe a cocktail at Trader Sam's). We met up with Bella, Jeanna, and Mellie.  Bella was kind enough to loan Daphne one of her Christmas outfits: Martha May Whovier.  D was quite enamored.  It is VERY fancy.

Unlike with the Halloween Party, we didn't have any big character meets to try to accomplish before the party itself opened (other than the dwarves, I'm not certain I remember if any other meets started early this year?).  BUT there was one party exclusive character we'd yet to meet that we got in line for nice and early (and thank goodness, by the time the party started it was at least an hour long): Scrooge McDuck with his nephew Donald.


We'd made bags of Reindeer Chow (red and green puppy chow) to hand out all night.  D LOVES handing out treat bags to characters, attendants, and photopass CMs.  Once that was done, Scrooge and Donald proved consummate gentlemen.

So many giggles and hugs and hand kisses.


My plan had been to meet these two right at party start (we did, within about 10 minutes), then book it over to the stage to get a good spot for the first Mickey's Most Merriest Christmas Celebration at the castle stage.  Friends who had attended earlier parties said the crowds had been low and the first show had been easy to get to.  Uh... no dice for us.  We couldn't even get near the sides of the stage.  Well... crappola. My brain immediately started re-ordering the nights events and trying to figure out how to handle this.  My husband tried to get me to stop and just sit back and enjoy myself, go with the flow (something I've preached a million times at parties, but I'm terrible at following my own advice). Still, given the crowds I was NOT going to be thwarted from getting my spot for the first Christmas parade.  Jeanna and I held down the fort while Ian and Mellie took the girls wandering.

We reunited with plenty of time for Kringle Krewe. D, as always, refused to dance but was more than happy to toss the snow ball around.

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade continues to be THE hardest to shoot, IMO. The parade is mostly the same, with the exception of new hair for the Candy Cane girls and new looks for the Babes in Toyland.


Mellie really wanted to go visit the royals in the hall.  That line has been notoriously long at past parties, so we walked up with her but figured we might go get cookies or do a ride while she waited, especially since D is still sort of ambivalent about meeting Princes.  Imagine my surprise when 1) the line for the Fitzherberts and Frogs was only 15 minutes and 2) D emphatically wanted to visit them.  Alright then.


And D was VERY excited to tell the frogs about our plans to visit New Orleans soon.

IMG_2902 (1).jpg

We watched Christmas Wishes fireworks from Fantasyland and reminisced fondly of past parties where we did the same. Before it was completely done, we hoofed it up to the castle to try to get a spot for the show while people were leaving en masse following the fireworks. We were successful in securing a spot near the front.


Mickey's Most Merriest Christmas Celebration seemed slightly less frantic than last year? But I don't know if it's just that I've seen it before or if it was toned down a little. It's still a ton of stuff happening all at once.  D loves it and was quite insistent that we had to watch it. Maybe I'm unfairly biased since it directly succeeds Hocus Pocus, the best castle show EVER. It's fun. I enjoy it. But like... maybe they could invite Maleficent to sing a Christmas tune next year?


The second parade was far less crowded than the first (predictably), but by no means empty.  But D was already half asleep in her stroller.  My kid that partied hard until well after midnight at the Halloween Party? She did not attend on this night. She curled up (under MY jacket), and watched the parade through droopy eyelids.

And that was our night.  The only cookies/treats we picked up the whole night were the Santa cookies we were handed on first entry (and they were huge). We had a blast, but I swear time just passes so quickly at these parties. Missing that first castle show meant we had to sacrifice getting to see the Tomorrowland Christmas Show (which D still hasn't seen).  Oh well.  Pray for me as we brave daily ops week.

*Disclaimer: We were invited to experience MVMCP gratis. I was not obligated to write anything in exchange. All opinions stated here are my own.*



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