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Yarr Thar be Spoilers ahead!

Yarr Thar be Spoilers ahead!

Quality of Character
How exciting to break into the top 12 at last! I am thrilled to discuss what I consider to be some of the most BAMF ladies to grace the screen.  (For kids, anyway) Sally is the introvert's heroine; she is a beacon for every wallflower turned rescuer.  She's pining away for a guy who doesn't really acknowledge her existence, but eventually she becomes more confident and ends up being (to quote Santa Clause) "the only person with any sense around here."  Truly, Sally is a rock of patience and thoughtfulness in a land of lunacy.  As a matter of fact, Sally might not score as highly if she wasn't made more awesome by how crazy all her supporting characters are by comparison. Sally pretty much has to save everybody until Jack finally pulls his head out of his rear long enough to get credit for being the hero.  

Overall Film Quality
Nightmare stands out for it's originality and imagination.  You can also con your kid into only watching it to gear up for holiday season. At the very least, if you have to watch it ad nauseum, it won't feel like it's just a rehashing of a typical princess movie. 

Love Interest
Sally's lowest score.  Jack isn't on Peter Pan levels of turdery, but he is completely self-involved.  It takes a disaster of EPIC proportions for him to finally figure out that the world is about more than just what he wants.  

Supporting Characters
A high score overall, based on exceptionally unique and fully-realized characters representing every level of neuroses you can conjure.  Oogie is an exquisitely musical villain with ear-grating minions, the mayor is two-faced, and even those without names are still rich and fully-realized.  

Very high score- on par with some of the best, more typical Disney musical offerings.  Moody and highly varied, this soundtrack has a lot to offer, particularly if you aren't fond of the bubbly offerings of the typical princess fare.  


I had to be objective here.  Personally, I look at Sally's dress and see comfortable, practical, easy to piece together at home for a costume... but a ragdoll dress isn't particularly glamorous.  I get it.  It might be hard to compete with your little BFFs in their grand ballgowns.  

**DISCLAIMER** I do not own any of the likenesses of these heroines.  All characters/likenesses are the property of Disney, and are not being used here for financial gain ****

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