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Quality of Character
Hush now, all of you, show some respect! You are in the presence of greatness! Vanellope bumrushed this list out of nowhere and bowled me over to land in the top 10.  She's witty, self-reliant, hard-working, and refuses to let a handicap stop her from achieving her dreams, no matter how mean or stifling people are to her.  She's also snarky and sarcastic, warming the cockles of my cynical little heart.  Other than being just a little bit high pitched and squeaky, and demonstrating potentially annoying behaviors for toddlers to pick up, like mimicry (it's hilarious in the film, but if my kid starts doing it I have a feeling it won't be so cute any more), there's little to complain about.  High scores, Vanellope!

Overall Film Quality
This movie didn't quite live up to my desires and expectations.  I just didn't think it realized its full potential, given the subject matter.  It's still very good, and there are some remarkably geek-out moments, like the villains anonymous meeting, but it's just not all it could have been.  The plot gets a little convoluted toward the end as well. There are some nice messages about earning respect and doing the right thing, fighting for what's right, etc. 

Love Interest
None, neutral score awarded.

Clown hair! Run away!

Clown hair! Run away!

Supporting Characters
The video character cameos? Wonderful.  The primary characters? Pretty good.  The villain? Meh.  Plus there are a lot of super mean and bratty other characters in Sugar Rush who are an excellent example of how NOT to behave as a young girl. 

None, neutral score awarded.

Vanellope earns the highest score awarded for a non-gown outfit.  Leggings with a ruffled mini over it! A hoodie! CANDY IN HER HAIR! DO YOU SEEEEEEE THE CANDY IN HER HAIR? Wait a minute... she's a raver.  Ok, that explains everything. Disney please sell this outfit.  Maybe in adult sizes, too. If we want to get marketing to princess lovers, though, Princess Vanellope indeed has a princess gown as well toward the end.  A gown whose ruffled buoyancy rivals even Giselle's poufy monstrosity. 



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