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Quality of Character
Lilo gets pretty high scores here. She's fun, spunky, clever, and never forgets that family is the most important thing.  She's also a bit rambunctious, but who isn't at her age? Obviously there's some maturity lacking that some of the higher scorers have, but Lilo is pretty great overall.  Admittedly, I might be biased after how awesome she was to my kid at a recent character breakfast...


Overall Film Quality
I am a fan of Lilo & Stitch.  The movie is fun and very different from the typical Disney offering.  There are some wonderful messages going on about the importance of a family being a family, even if it doesn't look the same as other families.  Lilo's sister is also a great role model, pushing herself to work to support her little sister and keep the two of them together after they lose their parents.  

Love Interest
None.  Thank heavens.  Neutral score awarded.

Supporting Characters
Another solid score for Lilo.  Stitch is wonderful and hilarious, Lilo's sister is a hard-working and caring person.  Some of the other characters (sister's love interest, for example) might be a little flimsy, but nothing so much to seriously impact the points awarded.

Here's why Lilo ends up middling- I feel like there was this great opportunity for original music in this film that's missed.  Instead, a bunch of Elvis songs are used.  It's cute, but it ends up just getting the neutral score awarded.

It's practical.  It's hawaiian.  It's kind of a mumu.  It's just not particularly covetable.  

**DISCLAIMER** I do not own any of the likenesses of these heroines.  All characters/likenesses are the property of Disney, and are not being used here for financial gain ****

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