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tink is one shady lady


Quality of Character
(For the time being (in other words, until my daughter makes me watch all the new ones) this score is based solely on the original feature's Tinkerbell.  Jackie tells me the new Tink is much improved.)
How low Tink lands on this list is a testament to how objective I was being while scoring these ladies, because if this was just a ranking of my favorite Disney Ladies, she'd definitely be in the top 10.  She's self-possessed, clever, FUNNY, and sassy.  She's also, however, not a particularly admirable semi-human.  She's very self-conscious (there's this segment when she's looking at herself in the mirror and she gets really self-conscious about her hip size! She's a gorgeous little fairy! If she has a problem with how she looks, what chance does any woman have?) She's manipulative (you've seen that I'm no fan of Wendy, but Tink lies to the Lost Boys to try to get them to *ahem* KILL Wendy). So much as I may personally think of Tink as my homegirl, she's just not going to score very highly in the wholesome department.  

Overall Film Quality
As I said before with Wendy, Peter Pan as a film holds up admirably to repeat viewings.  This story is fun, engaging, full of fantasy.  There are some racially uncomfortable moments (What makes the Red Man Red, anyone?), but as a whole it is one of the most enjoyable Disney features from this era. 

He caught a fish. It was THIS big. 

He caught a fish. It was THIS big. 

Love Interest
Peter Pan is an immature egomaniac.  In the spirit of not beating a dead horse, I'll leave it there. 

Supporting Characters
Hook is great. Wendy's brothers are great. Everybody else? Meh.

High scores.  Even for the awkward racist native american song. 

The fairy get-up is extremely popular with the costuming contingent. They are also a little on the skimpy side.  Tink's in particular.  

**DISCLAIMER** I do not own any of the likenesses of these heroines.  All characters/likenesses are the property of Disney, and are not being used here for financial gain ****

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