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Quality of Character
Snow is a product of her time, and deserves a certain modicum of respect for being the first of her kind, a trailblazer in so many ways.  That being said...

Take note: This is how to NOT teach your kids to interact with strangers

She's pretty dense. 

In her defense I discovered while researching this piece that Snow is supposed to be FOURTEEN.  Ew. On the other hand, I know a lot of 14-year-olds with way more sense.

Positives? She's very very sweet.  She's good to animals, and she doesn't judge or think less of people just because they are small/grumpy/dopey/sleepy etc. She is, in fact, so sweet and charming that absolutely everyone who encounters her falls under her spell of adorbs, even the huntsman sent to kill her.  Everyone except the evil jealous queen, of course.

She's also absurdly naive, 100% dependent on others for pretty much every aspect of her life (except, apparently, baking pies and cleaning).  My toddler has a more healthy fear of strangers than Snow.  She's a big pushover.  She doesn't even meet the Prince once.  She just wakes up to some guy with his mouth all over her and decides she's done searching for true love.  Oy. 

Overall Film Quality
Again, points are defaulted for being the first.  Maybe I'm sort of biased, because i distinctly remember my father taking me to the theater revival of this as a kid, and how his face lit up when he described to me how magical it was for him the first time he went to see it.  There's not a whole lot of story or character development.  It ends up scoring right in the middle.  It's fun, but I wonder if it will even hold my kid's attention when they bring it back out of the vault. 

he doesn't even have cheekbones... or pupils...

he doesn't even have cheekbones... or pupils...

Love Interest
This useless plot device errrr Prince has the second lowest score of the countdown. I don't think he even talks.  He shows up, kisses Snow, then carries off the fourteen year old.  Whether or not he gets prosecuted for statutory rape is explored in the sequel. 

Fierce B****, the first draft

Fierce B****, the first draft

Supporting Characters
Another middling score for Snow.  The dwarves are cute, and the Queen shows great promise for the villains to come, but like everything in this film it only just scratches the surface of getting truly interesting.  

Sure, Heigh Ho is fun.  But Snow's voice? It bears a strong resemblance to a coked out chipmunk.  Grating on the ears would be the nicest way to describe it.  I'm flinching just thinking about the song she sings into the well... with the echo back... *shudder*

Snow's dress is cute... if you're into that whole primary colors thing.  It's definitely the one i see the least of out at the parks.  From a practicality standpoint, a lot of the manufactured versions of this costume have a lot of velvet... not super practical for extended outdoor wear.  That collar... it's a little weird, too? And any costume that involves white... around the face.... is doomed to stained failure. 

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