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Disney Villain Countdown: The Rubric

Disney Villain Countdown: The Rubric

Math, it's your friend and mine.  Rubrics in particular are every teacher's bestie when it comes to avoiding contention from disagreeing parties.  This was, without a doubt, the most difficult part of getting the DVC off the ground. Big Thanks again to fellow Disney Villain enthusiasts The Hubby, Delaney, & Jessica for helping to keep me on the right path.


Fear / Intimidation Factor - 20%

I struggled on this aspect in particular of the scoring.  Does a villain have to be scary to be good? Scary to whom? Lady Tremaine isn't the stuff of nightmares necessarily, but she is one cold mother-SHUTYOMOUF. So the scoring in this category is designed to reflect how believable this character's presence is as a major shaker for evil or negativity.  If, even as an adult, you were to encounter this character, would they have the ability to cow you in some way? Crazy magic powers? Mega-bitch squint? All of the above can play into this score.

Character / Costume Design - 20%

Disney's best Villains have an iconic visage.  It factors into their ability to be intimidating.  Most importantly, is it a unique look? Do you want to dress up as them on Halloween and freak out trick-or-treaters (just me?)? 

Wit & Quotability - 20%

This was the first category I knew, without asking, had to be in the countdown.  Frequently (especially when it comes to earlier films) the villains are actually way more clever and remarkable than their hero counterparts.  

Memorability - 20%

The other hardest to quantify category, so it's kind of a catch-all.  This is designed to be the category where a villain can score points for whatever it is about them that makes them unique or a standout from the crowd.  (Outside of the other categories)

Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie

Sidekicks - 10%

By popular demand (and it's a good demand), having a particularly well-crafted sidekick and/or minions can give your score a boost (or a kick in the pants).  If no sidekicks or minions apply, a neutral score of 70 is awarded.  So if your sidekick is awful, you got less than that.  If your sidekick is bitchin', more than 70. 

Villain Song- 10%

Popular opinion also emphatically demanded that this category be counted.  I'm inclined to agree that a really good song can elevate a villain above it's peers. BUT there are SO MANY of the 40 that don't get to sing a song, so this category is only 10%. (Neutral 70, just as with the sidekicks).  


Compared to the Disney Heroines rubric, this rubric is a lot harder for a candidate to "work the system" or be faulted too harshly in the overall score for a category that doesn't apply to them (the only two categories that can be scored n/a are each only 10%).  Also the 4 primary categories are weighted equally (that wasn't the case originally, but the hubby talked me into this version).  

With that, I'm ready to start sharing the official ranks! Let's get started!

Started from the bottom, and they're still there...

**DISCLAIMER** I do not own any of the likenesses of these Villains.  All characters/likenesses are the property of Disney, and are not being used here for financial gain ****

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