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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 91

Confession: We are those people who don't throw out our Halloween pumpkin until it is rotten and shriveled, most likely a shovel is involved. It would appear D has inherited our inability to let go of holidays.  She greets and/or hugs our Mike Wazowski pumpkin every day when she gets home from school.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 90

 Daddy's been doing a lot of late work events this week, which means Mommy-Daphne quality time.  We do love Stefano's and their tasty chicken tenders (which I have to cut into nuggets or D won't eat them, YAY TODDLERS!).   

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 87

*Sigh* The best laid plans and all that...

I feel like the fates have a constant tap into my inner monologue, just waiting for me to have a certain thought so they can make it explode in my face. I know better, I KNOW BETTER, yet I continue to have these thoughts and have to deal with the aftermath.

For example "We haven't gotten sick in a long time, IMMUNE SYSTEM OF STEEL!" 



The Weekly Peanut, Issue 86

My child is vibrant, hilarious, charming, kooky, and fun.

She is also (at least recently) a Bossy McBossypants teeny tiny dictator.  

Maybe I'm just feeling a little burned out right now after watching my daughter's epic fifteen minute meltdown this morning that was triggered by getting shoes onto her feet that were both a) on the correct foot and b) appropriate for school (THE STRUGGLE IS REAL, PEOPLE).  

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 85

The theme of the past week has been Independence.  It manifests in the phrases "I do it! I do it!"; "Nooooo! No help!"; "Meeeee! Meeeeeeee!"; "I get it!"

Embroiled in all this Toddler Empowerment have been moments of intense codependence and snuggling.  On the one hand, having my self-sufficient toddler want nothing more than to be curled in my arms is intensely gratifying.  On the other it's hard to keep up with her emotional needs and desires from day to day.  

Wait, I can't keep up with my toddler's mood swings? I AM THE ONLY PARENT TO EVER HAVE THIS PROBLEM. 

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 84

I'm happy to inform you that the roller coaster ride that is my child was a lot less dramatic this past week.  For me at least.  Daddy's not having quite as easy of a time, particularly if I'm around, D can be downright mean to him.  I'm working really hard on developing D's sense of empathy; she's very sensitive and gets very upset when you point out to her that she's being "not nice," but she has trouble figuring it out on her own.