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I've mentioned this phenomena before, but it came up again this week and it's truly remarkable: this kid knows when I'm getting ready to write this.  I say this because without fail, when she had been at her ABSOLUTE WORST and I'm ready to rake her through the coals on TWP, she suddenly turns it around the day before, buttering me up so that I'm reminded she's not a total A-hole. I'm not complaining.  At least I got a couple of days.  Sure would have been nice if it had been when we were in the clutch, but that's life with a toddler.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 91

Confession: We are those people who don't throw out our Halloween pumpkin until it is rotten and shriveled, most likely a shovel is involved. It would appear D has inherited our inability to let go of holidays.  She greets and/or hugs our Mike Wazowski pumpkin every day when she gets home from school.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 68

Like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, some tasks are just set up for failure from the beginning. 

We'd been planning our trip to St. Louis to visit my family for months.  Anyone who's ever had a child knows particularly in the early years, a child's bowel movements are constantly changing and unpredictable.  So last week when D's diapers loosely resembled the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, I didn't really think anything unusual was going on.  When D woke up in the morning or came home from school a little cranky and saying "Tummy Ouchie," I just chalked it up to D's everyday drama.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 38


Thursday was Halloween and the peanut had a very busy day! She kicked it off with day care.  Our school has a great policy for Halloween: a pajama party so the kids don't feel pressure to wear their costumes and destroy/dirty them before going trick or treating.  Clever! I, of course, always take this as a challenge to make sure my kid has HALLOWEEN pajamas, like so...