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This is my process for writing most Peanut issues: sigh deeply and wonder what on earth I'm going to write about, sync iphone with laptop, review this week's uploads, wonder when I took 65 photos (ok, that's this week), remember that I've done something this week other than feel like my head is full of cotton, write the issue. I feel like I've had this illness that the kid brought home for a month now, and if she has been feeling even half as crappy as I am, no wonder she's been having turdy moments. Yes, spell check, I meant to spell turdy that way, stop triggering my OCD with your angry red underline.

Peaks and valleys, faithful readers.  

Last week was such a gem, and after what was about a month of... not so gemmy... I was hoping for awesome time.  

Seriously, though, we brought it on ourselves. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's backtrack...

Yup, one of THOSE kids. The kid that stops and pitches a fit if one side of her leggings is riding up.  I didn't even know THOSE kids existed. But I have one of them.  D now has me trained to check both pant legs and sleeves any time we exit a vehicle or I put her down after carrying her for a while.  


  Daphne ended last week with her 18 month check up at the doctor.  Due to a work overlap, I had to reschedule and ended up seeing a new doctor, Dr. Gellert.  Dr. Gellert was nice enough, but she was running SO. FAR. BEHIND. We were in the exam room for almost 45 minutes while my sweet angelic (cough) toddler gradually devolved into a turd.   Either way, I was too proud of my growing peanut to be too put out by it.  D is firmly on the 75th percentile for length! She grew almost 3 inches these past 3 months (most kids slow down this second year).  She only gained about 1.5 lbs though (wouldn't we all like to be 3 inches taller and only gain 1.5 lbs... *sigh*).  "Tall and thin, we should all have this problem!" said Dr. Gellert.  I lifted my eyebrows and said she definitely didn't get it from my side of the family. 

It's crazy, but it seems as if overnight this kid is having something akin to conversations with us.  I cite the following from Tuesday morning:
    Me: Alright, Peanut, go in and give Daddy kisses before we leave for school.
    [Daphne goes into our bedroom and approaches Ian's side of the bed.]
    Ian: Good Morning, Daphne! Can I have a hug?
    Daphne: Hi, Dada! [She hugs Ian]