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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 66 part 1

I got it in my head that I really wanted D to have a picture with all of the top 6 ladies from the Disney Heroines countdown.  Getting in to see Anna & Elsa? A nightmare.  An impossibility unless you want a 5 hour wait.  FastPass has been sold out for MONTHS.  I HAVE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! So I started googling for insider tips on how to get through the line, and I read a suggestion about how to get your hands on difficult FastPasses.  I tried it on a whim, and BEHOLD: an Anna & Elsa FastPass on Wednesday for 12:15.  I grabbed it on impulse, but seriously? The middle of the week? Am I going to pull my kid out of school and put in a vacation day at work just to do this?

Remember my previous sentiments about having a quiet weekend? Hmmm. Looks like that won't be in the cards any time soon.  At least, not until our pass blackout dates. 

Remember D's school picture day I talked about a few weeks ago when she got all adorable plaid schoolgirl'd up? Well.. apparently I was slightly mistaken.  There were pictures, but they were class pictures, just the whole class together, no individual photos except for the pre-k grads.  Oh.  Well.  She's still pretty redonk. Look at my big girl, sitting all perfectly in her little chair.  You go, Glen Coco! (That reference is for my husband, btw).

She insisted on wearing that hat to bed 3 nights in a row. She also makes very silly faces when I take family selfies while watching Disney movies.  I can now call the overabundance of Disney project research.  No shame in my game. This week was mostly repeats (Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Tangled) in preparation for our return to Magic Kingdom.