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Two weeks of relative peace and joy.  There are parents out there, I'm sure, who don't get even that.  I should feel blessed, no? But still...

It would have been nice to keep the party going a bit longer.

The weekend started well enough.  Despite the chaos surrounding it, D did an admirable job braving her second Megacon. (That was my last time going on a Saturday. Seriously.) All my attempts at assembling a family costume outing were thwarted by the grinch (aka my husband), so we ended up representing for Star Trek, of course.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 37


This kid is getting rather chatty! Still no mama or dada (I'm not bitter, nope), but we've definitely added "shoe" to the vocabulary.  I need to get it on video, because it's the way she says it that is just the cutest darn thing.  She scrunches up her face and always says it quietly and gently... "sh-choo."  She tried to say "socks" but it ended up being more "AHHHHHKS."   

I'm thinking D finally managed to get that molar out, because this weekend she was comparatively a ray of sunshine. 

Friday was picture day at "school," but the proofs aren't back yet so you are just going to have to wait until next week's issue to see what she wore.

So... I saw it...

This is both a recap and review of Star Trek: Into Darkness.  It doesn't just have spoilers, it has pretty much everything that happens in the  movie, and why it's effing ridiculous. So consider yourself warned.