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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 93

D was DEFINITELY better this week than last.  We're still dealing with a lot of "I can't"s, but we've learned to just barrel through them.  Mostly. Sometimes. Ugh.

Daphne came home from school with HOMEWORK last week O_O.  More accurately it was a ziplock baggie filled with uncooked colored pasta noodles, sequins, rhinestones, a toilet paper roll, and instructions to "decorate a turkey with your little one while singing this song and bring it in Friday."  Uhm... Uhh... 

We introduced D to the Toy Story franchise on Thursday.  She seemed to enjoy it, especially Scud (Sid's mean dog).  Whenever Scud appeared she'd point and "Doggy!" (my daughter, the queen of obvious).  What I'm finding new and amusing is that D seems to be starting to actually follow the stories and moods of movies.  Example: Buzz and Woody were being chased by Scud around Sid's house.  They hide behind a door.  During the chase, D is chanting "Doggy doggy doggy..." and then, when Scud's nose pokes around the door, she gets really shrill and points extra hard "DOGGY! DOGGY DOGGY!" She's also talking a LOT.  I showed this video of her babbling during Toy Story to some friends and so far we hear "puppy" and "running."