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I've mentioned this phenomena before, but it came up again this week and it's truly remarkable: this kid knows when I'm getting ready to write this.  I say this because without fail, when she had been at her ABSOLUTE WORST and I'm ready to rake her through the coals on TWP, she suddenly turns it around the day before, buttering me up so that I'm reminded she's not a total A-hole. I'm not complaining.  At least I got a couple of days.  Sure would have been nice if it had been when we were in the clutch, but that's life with a toddler.

  Daphne ended last week with her 18 month check up at the doctor.  Due to a work overlap, I had to reschedule and ended up seeing a new doctor, Dr. Gellert.  Dr. Gellert was nice enough, but she was running SO. FAR. BEHIND. We were in the exam room for almost 45 minutes while my sweet angelic (cough) toddler gradually devolved into a turd.   Either way, I was too proud of my growing peanut to be too put out by it.  D is firmly on the 75th percentile for length! She grew almost 3 inches these past 3 months (most kids slow down this second year).  She only gained about 1.5 lbs though (wouldn't we all like to be 3 inches taller and only gain 1.5 lbs... *sigh*).  "Tall and thin, we should all have this problem!" said Dr. Gellert.  I lifted my eyebrows and said she definitely didn't get it from my side of the family. 

Over the course of the week, Daphne's incision for her biopsy started looking uglier.  We decided to go in to open hours at the pediatrician to find out if we needed to do anything else over the weekend (we already had appointments set with the Infectious Disease doctor and surgeon for Monday and Tuesday).  By a stroke of luck, our favorite Dr Trout was working.  I was reminded yet again why she is the best, since she walked in and had already gotten herself completely up to speed on the saga of Daphne's lump, even going so far as to have spoken personally to both the surgeon and the ID doc just two days before.  She was also the first person to really explain to me everything that was going on and what a "microbacterium" infection really meant.  The fun news? This type of infection is going to keep draining for a long time.  D's incision won't be closing up for a while because the infection will need to drain.