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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 97

The theme for this past week? Surprises, perhaps. We kick off this week's issue by sending D off to school for picture day with Santa. It has been... hit or miss in previous years. I talked to D the night before. "D, you're going to see Santa at school tomorrow." Nod. "Are you going to be nice to him?" Nod. "Are you going to talk to him?" Nod. "What are you going to say to Santa?" [whispering] "Prezzints.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 89

It's been a pretty darn good week in Peanut Land. 

The word of the week has been "Oh."  "Oh" is used as a flavoring addition to any statement to make people find it funnier.  For example: "Daphne, would you like some goldfish?" "Oh YEAHHHH." "Daphne, did you forget to put your shoes away?" "Oh! Yeah!" "Daphne, did you leave that mess on the floor?" "Oh noooooo."

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 71

Going back over recent weeks I can't remember if I've mentioned it yet.  Honestly, I haven't been talking about it much, because I'm still paranoid about jinxing ourselves.  However, it's been a solid month now, and I'm very happy to say that D IS 100% PACI FREE.  It was such a gradual thing to where she was only still getting it during nap time in the crib, but when day care informed us they'd be cutting it out entirely there we decided to just take the plunge.  The key was making sure she DID NOT SEE THE PACI during bedtime, because if she did she'd freak out until she got her hands on it.  Hooray for paci-free living (confession: I'm still too paranoid to take our backup out of the diaper bag, you just never know when your kid is going to pitch a fit in public and you won't be up for the condescending looks.  So far I've not had to use it, but...

Remember my previous sentiments about having a quiet weekend? Hmmm. Looks like that won't be in the cards any time soon.  At least, not until our pass blackout dates. 

Remember D's school picture day I talked about a few weeks ago when she got all adorable plaid schoolgirl'd up? Well.. apparently I was slightly mistaken.  There were pictures, but they were class pictures, just the whole class together, no individual photos except for the pre-k grads.  Oh.  Well.  She's still pretty redonk. Look at my big girl, sitting all perfectly in her little chair.  You go, Glen Coco! (That reference is for my husband, btw).

This kid has a more active social life than most adults I know.  Myself included.

Thursday afternoon Ian called and asked if we'd like to go to the Taste of Winter Park gratis.  Heck, why not? D walked the few blocks from parking to the Farmer's market with me, stopping to smell the roses, of course.