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Adults are only kids grown up, anyway. -Walt Disney

I can recall a conversation with a coworker (who has a 4 year old) while I was still pregnant.  Teaching at a film school, all conversations inevitably return to movies.  Matt told me one of his favorite parts about being a parent was getting to go back and revisit his favorite movies through his son's eyes.  

Blogging.. and stuff..

Long before I actually started MinkFlamingos, I thought extensively ABOUT starting MinkFlamingos.  There are so many blogs out there, blogs about blogs, how to blog, advice for blogs, categories of blogs, etc. etc.  I struggled a little in "finding the direction" of my blog.  Every time I would think about pinning it down, even after I'd started MinkFlamingos, I'd resist trying to pigeonhole myself.  If I did a parenting blog, then where would I post my thoughts on the new Star Trek movie? If I did a nerd blog, where would I post about the rigamarole of parenting? And so MinkFlamingos floated along, content to just be its own entity.  I called it "commentary on all things pop culture... and parenting."