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Adults are only kids grown up, anyway. -Walt Disney

I can recall a conversation with a coworker (who has a 4 year old) while I was still pregnant.  Teaching at a film school, all conversations inevitably return to movies.  Matt told me one of his favorite parts about being a parent was getting to go back and revisit his favorite movies through his son's eyes.  

So... I saw it...

This is both a recap and review of Star Trek: Into Darkness.  It doesn't just have spoilers, it has pretty much everything that happens in the  movie, and why it's effing ridiculous. So consider yourself warned. 

How I learned to stop worrying (about what other people think) and love the movie

It takes a LONG time for you to develop an opinion that is truly and wholly your own.  When you're at your youngest, your opinions are influenced heavily by your parents and the environment in which they raise you.  As you develop socially, your opinions can shift to appeal more to the friends and circles in which you travel.  I saw Scary Movie 4 times in the theater, because that's what all my friends were going to see.