All in Family

Adults are only kids grown up, anyway. -Walt Disney

I can recall a conversation with a coworker (who has a 4 year old) while I was still pregnant.  Teaching at a film school, all conversations inevitably return to movies.  Matt told me one of his favorite parts about being a parent was getting to go back and revisit his favorite movies through his son's eyes.  

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 32

This weekend kicked off with Daddy/Daphne Saturday. Any nervousness I might have had was totally unfounded (of course) since D had a really great time (in fact she only went into turd mode after I got home).  Daphne even got a visit from Grandpa Bobo and a trip to the Cask & Larder out of the deal.  WOW.  Here are some fun pictures and videos from Daddy/Daphne day.

I'm thinking D finally managed to get that molar out, because this weekend she was comparatively a ray of sunshine. 

Friday was picture day at "school," but the proofs aren't back yet so you are just going to have to wait until next week's issue to see what she wore.