Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 232

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 232

Daphne's 5 year check up has been completed.  She reminded me on the way that the doctor had promised she wouldn't need shots at this check up.  I'm very glad the doctor wasn't lying, since my kid has the memory of an elephant.

It was announced this past week that the Jawas were being called back to Tattoine and would be having their last visits to launch bay in the next week.  Part of being a passholder at the parks is knowing these changes happen, but I have to admit that this one has hit us pretty hard.  The Jawas are NEVER skipped when we go to Hollywood Studios, and some of my most precious memories of my child at this park have involved these silly little aliens.  So we knew we'd try to cram in as much time as possible with them before they leave on the 29th.  Bonus? Bella and Jeanna were back in town, so we could finally spend some time with them again. D and I went back and forth for a while about what she would wear, but when she discovered she was finally tall enough to wear one of the dresses we'd been holding on to for months? The discussion was over.

We waiting for Jeanna and Bella near Toy Story.  D was peeking in on Buzz and Woody, and Buzz kept blowing her kisses. It was pretty adorable.

D was so happy to be reunited with Bella. 

Excuse me, this kid had a higher accuracy score than me.  Stop growing up.

Launch Bay time.  D had decorated some picture frames to give to the Jawas.

One Jawa spent their whole shift playing hide and seek with the girls, and when she saw how sad I was I even got a hug at the end. Ugh. Don't leave, Jawas....

Can you hear my heart breaking?

We grabbed lunch at the Backlot Express for the first time just as the sky opened up and started pouring.

Picture by Mellie

Picture by Mellie

We shuffled over to the Frozen Singalong under umbrellas.  Then did Voyage of the Little Mermaid.  It wasn't pouring rain, but it was raining enough that things like the Jedi Trials and the Star Wars Fashion Show were not happening so we were hopping from indoor attraction to indoor attraction.  Ian was able to catch up with us as we headed to the Disney Junior show.  D bowled me over by actually singing along and participating in the whole show. What??

D took Bella to meet her boyfriend, Jake. "No, seriously, he's ACTUALLY my boyfriend." D's ACTUAL words.

D asked if she could go back to Launch Bay for more Jawa time. Of course. 

We were able to snag a 4th fastpass for the Great Movie Ride (which is also closing in just a few short weeks).  She'd run out to the bathroom, so I figured I'd save time and we'd all meet them out there on the way to GMR.  D started sobbing.  She'd promised the Jawa she'd be right back.  So Ian took her back inside so she could say goodbye.  Ugh. My heart.  

D still hates the gunfight gangster scene on GMR. It was fast approaching dinner time, but we talked the whole group into heading down the street to Disney Springs so we could go to the Polite Pig.  Disney Springs was PACKED (Studios was NOT). 

D asked if we could wander around Disney Springs after dinner. Eh, why not?

They're doing Christmas In July at Disney Springs, so we even got to say hi to Santa.

Sunday was a lazy day, watching movies and hanging out around the house.  Then we got a Facetime from Maddie, asking if she could come play. Surprise dinner parties? The best.

D's been asking to get her hair cut for a while.  I've been the hold out.  I finally caved and told her she could get her hair cut since she's starting kindergarten soon.  I let her look through photos to pick out styles she liked, then I looked up local salons that specialized with kids.  That was how I found Pigtails and Crew Cuts.  They were able to take us Monday evening, too.  Of course, as we opened the door, the first thing that happened was another little boy who was in the middle of his haircut was pitching an epic fit and puked all over the place.  D looked simultaneously nervous and mystified.  I did my best not to put on my Judgy Mom hat, lord knows my kid has had her moments (not usually in public, but still).  D gets major props from me for being super cool despite the absolute chaos this other boy was stirring up almost the whole time she was there.

D picked out a firetruck chair and got to pick a movie for the TV screens (Moana, of course). Since we were taking a substantial amount of hair off, Sarah the stylist gave me a little memento.  Or something to adorn my voodoo doll once D is a teenager...

Although getting her to keep her head pointed down was a bit of a challenge, D was a total champ for the rest of the haircut.

And she LOVES her haircut. 

She couldn't wait to show all her friends at school her new "so short" hair. She was such a champ I decided to go ahead and let her have the banshee I'd been waiting for the right moment to surprise her with (thanks Disney Parksblog!).

Meet Falkor, everybody! She may not be pink, but D loves her all the same.  Want proof? She scared the bajeezus out of me Tuesday morning by walking into our room with her banshee screaming at me from her shoulder. 

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 233

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 233

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