Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 230

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 230

Remember last week, when I mentioned D got some make up for her birthday?

D got some lip glosses and glitter last week, and I donated an old face palette (for the mirror), some old brushes, and a make up bag for her so keep it all in.  She would have spent all day Saturday doing her make up. All. Day.

Eventually we scrubbed her face (that glitter wasn't going anywhere), and headed out the door to grab dinner and a movie. We'd heard great things about Spiderman, so we took a chance even though the run time seemed a bit daunting.

The movie was fantastic, and D really seemed to like it, too (toward the end she got a little squirmy and ended up in my lap, but I have a feeling that was as much needing to use the restroom as anything else).  And when we got home...

She still had time to do her make up some more. "Mommy I am never ever done with my make up because I love my make up."

Sunday. Some friends from out of town made a last-minute trip down for the weekend, so we made plans to meet up with them at Animal Kingdom. D woke up on the WRONG side of the bed.  It was a frustrating morning of tears and apologies, all getting juggled with trying to get out the door. In the end, wanna know what cheered my kid up?

D, like the rest of the world, is obsessed with the "So Emotional" lip sync

D, like the rest of the world, is obsessed with the "So Emotional" lip sync

  We got there early and finally humored Ian with a trip to the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

Daphne found a little splash fountain. "Mommy, I'm only gonna get my hands wet." Lies.  Soaked from head to toe in fountan LIES.

We caught up with Mackenna and family.  D was ecstatic to get some baby GiGi time.

D started the Wilderness Explorers activity for the first time, too.

Grabbed lunch at Satuli.

Got some more Wilderness Explorer Badges.

Honestly these girls are the cutest.

We rode Flight of Passage, and the Banshees are finally back in stock at Windtraders.

We took a ride over to Rafiki's Planet Watch.

We watched Festival of the Lion King.  Daddy got to teach everybody how to make warthog noises.

D's day was made when she got to hold Gigi.

And then she got to do the little parade at the end. 

D proceeded to wave eagerly at the performer in the snake costume the rest of the show, too.


It was almost 7 and we were going to go home, but then D decided (despite protesting throughout the day) that yes, actually, she would like to go on Everest again after all.


Although she still says she only likes it "a little."

We headed toward the entrance, only to finally run into Quinn, so a brief frolick was in order.

D would have been happy to stay forever, but the grown ups have Monday morning jobs. We headed back to the car, and as I buckled her into her car seat, D asked, "Mommy... can I watch So Emotional again?"  Here, in case you aren't in the loop...

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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 229 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PEANUT

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